Artists and musicians are tapping into AI to uncover unexpected creativity and originality in their work. They use AI as a tool, a collaborator, or a muse to yield creative output that could not have been dreamed by either entity alone.

Join us for this unique opportunity to discover the beauty, energy, and insight of AI creations in visual art, music, and poetry.

Lunar Ring

Human-machine Interactive Experience


 AI-trained lyrics inspiration engine

64/1 And Harshit Agrawal

Custom Dataset - GANs, Image Classification / Archival Print on Canvas


 Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist-Composed Music

Daniel Ambrosi

Computational Photography + Artificial Intelligence

Refik Anadol

Data Painting and Sculpture

Sofia Crespo And Entangled Others

3D GAN, 3D Style-Transfer

Dadabots X Keyon Christ

100% Neural Net Synthesized Soul / Funk

Stephanie Dinkins

Conversational Deep Learning Chatbot

Scott Eaton

Generative AI Drawing and Sculpture

Oxia Palus

GANs, GPUs, Multispectral Imaging

Allison Parrish

AI-Generated Poetry

Anna Ridler

Generative AI, C-Type Digital Prints with Handwritten Annotations 

Nao Tokui And Qosmo

AI-Guided Music Experiments

Helena Sarin

Generative Mixed Media

Holly Herndon And Mat Dryhurst

Performance, Multichannel A/V, TensorFlow

Pindar Van Arman With Kitty Simpson

Algorithmic Robotic Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 

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Are you an artist or technologist creating art or music with AI?
Share your creation process and examples of your work, and maybe you can be part of our next NVIDIA AI Art Gallery showcase.