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NVIDIA Enterprise Support

NVIDIA’s accelerated computing, visualization, and networking solutions are boosting the speed of business outcomes. Our experts are here for you at every step in this fast-paced journey. With enterprise support tiers and value-added services, you’ll find the ideal expertise and proven methodologies when and where you need them.

  • Minimize system downtime with fast and proactive support.
  • Get proven, reliable support from NVIDIA experts.
  • Track support requests on the NVIDIA Enterprise Support Portal.

Enterprise Support and Services User Guide

This guide provides valuable information for using NVIDIA Enterprise Support and services for both potential and existing customers.

Enterprise Services Datasheet

Accelerate your NVIDIA solutions with help from the experts.

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Create a Case Online

For faster support responses, customers with logins can submit a support request through the Enterprise Support Portal. 

For customers who don't have an active support entitlement, evaluation licenses, Proof of Concept (POC), and other questions can submit a request through the Ask a Question support form.

All users can check the product warranty on the Warranty Check form.

Contact us by Phone

Talk to an enterprise support specialist live.

  • United States: +1 408-486-2500; +1 (800) 421-5048 (toll-free)
  • Australia: +61 280989194; +61 1800291070 (toll-free)
  • Canada: +1 (800) 421-5048 (US toll-free)
  • China: 4006612047 (toll-free)
  • France: +33 186990248; +33 805542735 (toll-free)
  • Germany: +49 69153253964; +49 08007246641 (toll-free)
  • India: +0008004402283 (toll-free)
  • Japan: 0120-706-170 9 a.m.–6 p.m. JST (toll-free)
  • Slovakia: +82 220235792; +82 0807910883 (toll-free)
  • South Korea: 080 791 0883 (toll-free)
  • Taiwan: +886 226563206; +886 800868923 (toll-free)
  • United Kingdom: +44 2039013062; +44 8000286417 (toll-free)

For GeForce, GeForce NOW™, and SHIELD™,  contact Consumer Support.

Explore Enterprise Services for NVIDIA Products


Enterprise support for DGX Platforms, including NVIDIA DGX A100, DGX H100, DGX BasePOD, and DGX SuperPOD.


Enterprise support and access to NVIDIA AI expertise to accelerate onboarding and maximize performance are included in DGX Cloud.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise

Enterprise support for frameworks, pretrained models, and tools included in NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

NVIDIA Omniverse

Enterprise support and access to comprehensive software patches, updates, and upgrades for NVIDIA Omniverse.

NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud

Enterprise support, a Technical Account Manager, and more included in Omniverse Cloud.


Enterprise support with access to software patches, updates, and upgrades.


Enterprise support for NVIDIA HPC Compilers within the HPC SDK.

NVIDIA Fleet Command

Enterprise support for NVIDIA Fleet Command.

NVIDIA Networking—InfiniBand

Enterprise support for NVIDIA Quantum Switches and gateways.

NVIDIA Networking—Ethernet

Enterprise support for NVIDIA Spectrum Switches and more.

NVIDIA Networking—Software, and DPUs

Enterprise support for these solutions, and more.

Going Beyond With Value-Add Support Services

NVIDIA expertise and services meet your specific needs through Value-Add Support Services, available to purchase for select products.

Business Critical Support

Enterprise Business Critical Support is NVIDIA’s premium support service level. It's designed for mission-critical deployments where a small downtime may cause a significant business impact. Business Critical Support provides 24x7 service and a one-hour response time for Severity Level 1 cases. Available for DGX, Networking products, NVIDIA AI Enterprise, and Omniverse Cloud.

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

A TAM is an NVIDIA service relationship manager who understands your business and works remotely to personally collaborate with staff and management. Available for DGX, Networking products, NVIDIA AI Enterprise, and Omniverse.

Media Retention Services

Media Retention Services help customers keep eligible components that they can't relinquish during a return material authorization (RMA) event due to the possibility of sensitive data being kept within their system memory. Available for DGX and Networking products.

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

An SRE is an NVIDIA DevOps engineer who works remotely to train customer staff to manage and maintain their NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™ cluster. An NVIDIA SRE also provides guidance on cluster management and offers expert insight into MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) deployment. Available for DGX and Networking products.

Onsite Engineer Services

We provide multiple onsite services, including our onsite engineer who ensures that setup and replacements are done correctly, which reduces downtime. Available for DGX products and Networking.

Onsite Spares Service Program

NVIDIA DGX customers may purchase DGX spares from DGX distributors and authorized DGX NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) solution providers as available. The customer will manage the onsite spares. Available for DGX products.

NVIDIA Coordinated Support Service

This service provides access to a remote single point of contact for NVIDIA DGX BasePOD and NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD issues, including qualified non-NVIDIA products. Available for DGX products.

Extended Warranty for ConnectX Adapters and Cables

The Extended Warranty entitles customers to hardware support with Advanced RMA only. It doesn'tt include software support. Available for NVIDIA® ConnectX® adapters and cables.

Renew your Enterprise Support

To start your renewal and get a quote for your current Enterprise Support Services, contact us through email.

Empowering You With Enterprise Services

Professional Services

With a wide range of data center infrastructure knowledge and experience, the NVIDIA Professional Services team provides uniquely custom solutions. From installation and deployments to onboarding and optimizing your workloads, the team can help you reduce costs and improve time to production.

Courses and Certifications

NVIDIA offers high-quality technical training to ensure your IT organization is fully prepared to make the most of your NVIDIA investment, covering topics such as installation, deployment, optimization, management, and troubleshooting.

Finding Additional Resources

Knowledge Base

NVIDIA Knowledge Base provides online solutions, FAQs, configuration procedures, answers for common errors, advisories, troubleshooting, and more.

User Forum

NVIDIA Forums are open discussions where customers can find technical solutions, resources, and discussions regarding NVIDIA products and related technologies.


NVIDIA Docs is the place for exploring the latest technical information and product documentation. Get the details on our latest innovations and see how you can bring them into your own work.

Developer Site

Our developer site is the place to stay up to date on tutorials, news, training, and more. Keep your project running with links to the latest SDK and solutions here.


NGC hosts a catalog of GPU-optimized AI software, SDKs, and Jupyter Notebooks that help accelerate AI workflows and offers support through NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

NVIDIA Licensing Portal

NVIDIA License System serves licenses to NVIDIA Enterprise software products.

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NVIDIA experts are here for you at every step in this fast-paced journey. The Application Hub includes the Enterprise Support Portal, NVIDIA  GPU Cloud (NGC), NVIDIA Licensing Portal, and NVIDIA Partner Network(NPN) Portal.

Purchase Support

For more information on initial purchases, contact your authorized NVIDIA Enterprise Partner or NVIDIA sales team.

Contact Consumer Support

Looking for support for consumer products such as GeForce, GeForce NOW, or SHIELD? See our consumer support page.