NVIDIA pioneered accelerated computing to tackle challenges no one else can solve. We bring our products and solutions to market through the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN). The NPN is structured around partner types and competencies, making it possible to find the perfect NVIDIA partners to address current business needs and achieve success in today's ever-changing market.

Find an NVIDIA Partner

The NPN ecosystem is comprised of NVIDIA experts who have the knowledge and skills that can help customers solve their most challenging problems and accelerate their business with NVIDIA solutions.

Partner Types

Cloud Partner

Partners who offer hosted software and hardware services in a cloud or managed services model to end-user customers leveraging NVIDIA products.

Data Center Provider

Partners who offer colocation services such as high-density data center facilities, interconnected infrastructure, and state-of-art cooling technologies for hosting NVIDIA DGX™ servers globally.


Partners who are authorized to distribute NVIDIA products to resellers of NVIDIA products, NVIDIA-based solutions, and NVIDIA technologies.

Service Delivery Partner: Cloud Services

Partners whose core competency is cloud business and technology consulting and services that deliver innovative solutions to solve customer business challenges.


Partners who utilize NVIDIA products, NVIDIA-based solutions, and NVIDIA technologies in the platforms that they manufacture and resell under their own brand name.

Service Delivery Partner: Education Services

Partners who have an existing education services organization and would like to either formalize or expand their training and certification offerings.

Solution Provider (VAR)

Partners who focus on the value-added reselling of NVIDIA products, NVIDIA-based solutions, and NVIDIA technologies.

Service Delivery Partner: Professional Services

Partners who have an existing Professional Services organization and would like to either formalize or expand their usage of NVIDIA-based solutions, platforms, and NVIDIA technologies.

Solutions Integration Partner

Partners who focus on the value-added integration and reselling of NVIDIA products, NVIDIA-based solutions, and NVIDIA technologies.

Solution Advisor: Consultant

Partners who provide consultation services and expert advice to customers looking to implement NVIDIA-based solutions or technology.

Global Systems Integrator

Partners who specialize in the planning, design, implementation, and management of solutions that include NVIDIA products and technologies to address their customers’ business and technology needs.

Solution Advisor: Storage Partner

Partners who design storage solutions and joint reference architectures with NVIDIA to deliver high performance computing and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Independent Software Vendor

Partners who develop, market, and sell NVIDIA accelerated computing and software-optimized applications designed for commercial and enterprise organizations.


NPN Partners participate in competencies that help them differentiate their expertise in the marketplace and support the specific needs of customer business models and target markets. Alignment with the NPN Program competencies validates that partners are knowledgeable and have developed subject-matter expertise in key advanced technologies.


The Compute Competency focuses on partners who provide NVIDIA GPU-accelerated computing platforms both on premises and in the cloud for enterprise IT, each consisting of hardware systems and software resources designed to meet the needs of a wide array of use cases. This robust, secure infrastructure supports all modern workloads from data center to the edge, while driving scientific breakthroughs and game-changing innovations.

DGX AI Compute Systems

The DGX AI Compute Systems Competency focuses on partners who offer fully integrated infrastructure solutions built on NVIDIA DGX to deliver groundbreaking AI performance and faster insights. DGX includes NVIDIA Base Command™ Manager and the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite. Organizations in every industry use the DGX platform to power AI projects at the forefront of innovation, shatter world records, and solve the previously unsolvable.

DGX Cloud

The DGX Cloud Competency focuses on partners who can offer their customers a platform to train generative AI models. NVIDIA DGX Cloud is a serverless, AI-training-as-a-service platform designed for enterprises that depend on AI. With integrated software, direct access to NVIDIA AI experts, and near-limitless access to high-performance compute, DGX Cloud delivers efficiency with scale and productive work capacity for developers—at the lowest TCO.

Embedded Compute

The Embedded Compute Competency focuses on partners who deliver the power of modern AI for autonomous machines and other edge AI applications across all industries. Using the NVIDIA Jetson™ platform, these partners give customers the solutions and tools to quickly develop and deploy AI-powered robots, drones, intelligent video analytics (IVA) applications, and other energy-efficient autonomous machines that can perceive and understand the world.


The Networking Competency focuses on partners who provide NVIDIA-accelerated networking solutions to enterprises, from mainstream data center servers to high-performance supercomputers. NVIDIA-accelerated networking solutions enable customers to build infrastructure that supports, develop-to-deploy implementations across all modern workloads and storage requirements, ushering in a new era of accelerated computing that maximizes AI return on investment.


The NVIDIA AI Competency focuses on partners who provide customers with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software to accelerate data science and streamline development and deployment of production-ready generative AI, computer vision, speech AI, and more. With enterprise-grade NVIDIA AI, partners help customers reduce the cost and complexity of the AI lifecycle with cloud-native development tools, frameworks, pretrained models, reliable management and orchestration, and global enterprise support. NVIDIA AI-enabled solutions run across the cloud, data center, workstations, and edge.

NVIDIA Omniverse

The NVIDIA Omniverse™ Competency focuses on partners who provide NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise software and services to customers for developing custom 3D pipelines based on Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD). Omniverse Enterprise and OpenUSD help enterprises build interoperable 3D pipelines and develop advanced, real-time 3D applications for industrial digitalization use cases. Omniverse Enterprise can be deployed on NVIDIA RTX™-enabled workstations, virtual workstations, and in the cloud.

NVIDIA Technologies

The NVIDIA Technologies Competency provides partners with a high-level overview of the use cases, market opportunities, and technologies related to the broad portfolio of NVIDIA accelerated computing solutions that span the largest cloud data centers to tiny autonomous machines. NVIDIA accelerated computing’s full-stack value helps partners create solutions that best address the needs of customer use cases and workloads.

NVIDIA Virtual Desktops

The NVIDIA Virtual Desktops Competency focuses on partners who provide end-user computing with NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software, including RTX Virtual Workstations (vWS) and Virtual PCs (vPC), to customers for deployment on NVIDIA GPUs in cloud or enterprise data center servers. vGPU software enables powerful GPU performance for workloads ranging from graphics-rich virtual workstations to data science and AI, creating virtual GPUs that can be shared across multiple virtual machines and accessed by any device, anywhere.


The Visualization Competency focuses on partners who provide GPU-accelerated visual computing solutions to customers, fueling innovation from desktop to data center to cloud. These powerful systems deliver unparalleled performance to accelerate advanced professional visualization, rendering, virtualization, simulation, video processing, AI capabilities, and more.

Partner Levels


The Registered partner is an entry into some of the NPN Partner types. These partners invest in NVIDIA sales and technical training and have access to product, sales, and marketing tools.


The Preferred partner invests in a deeper relationship with NVIDIA. These partners work to achieve training, revenue, and other goals and are rewarded with additional benefits.


Elite partners represent the deepest level of partnership with NVIDIA and demonstrate the highest level of commitment to the partnership.