Intelligent Computing for Healthcare

Accelerated computing and AI are supercharging the next generation of medical devices and biomedical research. With one platform for imaging, genomics, patient monitoring, and drug discovery—deployed anywhere, from embedded to edge to every cloud—NVIDIA Clara is enabling the healthcare industry to innovate and accelerate the journey to precision medicine.

NVIDIA Clara in Healthcare and Life Sciences

NVIDIA Clara Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging

Clara Imaging is an application framework that provides developers and researchers with the ability to accelerate data annotation, build domain-specialized AI models, and deploy intelligent imaging workflows with state-of-the-art pre-trained models and reference applications to help you get started.

NVIDIA Clara Parabricks genome sequencing


Using HPC to accelerate genome analysis in population and cancer genomic studies can help identify rare diseases and bring tailored therapeutics to market faster, advancing the journey to precision medicine.

NVIDIA Clara Guardian for smart hospitals

Smart Hospitals

Clara Guardian is an application framework that brings intelligent video analytics and conversational AI capabilities to healthcare, simplifying the development and deployment of smart sensors for automated body temperature screening, protective mask detection, and remote patient monitoring.

NVIDIA Clara Discovery for drug discovery

Drug Discovery

Clara Discovery is a collection of frameworks, applications, and AI models that, together, accelerate drug discovery, supporting research in genomics, microscopy, virtual screening, computational chemistry, visualization, clinical imaging, and more.

See AI and HPC power human ingenuity to better track, test, and search for treatments against COVID-19.

NVIDIA Clara Latest News

NVIDIA Builds UK Supercomputer

A Dedication to Healthcare Research

Going online in late 2020, NVIDIA will build the UK’s most powerful supercomputer using NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™ to support the entire ecosystem of cross-industry healthcare researchers, from universities to startups to research institutions.

NVIDIA Clara Expands

NVIDIA Clara Expands, Adds Global Healthcare Partners to Take on COVID-19

NVIDIA Clara Guardian debuts to power smart hospitals, new AI models are released to better detect infection, and the genomics speed record is broken in the race to understand the virus.

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