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Addressing Medical Imaging Limitations with Synthetic Data Generation

Unlock Deeper Insights of Somatic Mutations in Short-Read Sequencing

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NVIDIA BioNeMo is a generative AI platform for drug discovery that simplifies and accelerates the training of models using your own data and scaling the deployment of models for drug discovery applications.

NVIDIA Holoscan

NVIDIA Holoscan is an AI sensor processing platform that delivers the accelerated, full-stack infrastructure needed for scalable, software-defined, and real-time AI either at the edge or in the cloud.


NVIDIA MONAI is an enterprise platform for medical imaging that offers tools and capabilities that span from infrastructure to prebuilt models to AI workflows.

NVIDIA Parabricks

NVIDIA Parabricks® is a scalable genomics analysis software suite that brings unparalleled speed, accuracy, and throughput to the rapidly evolving field of genomics.