Introducing Jetson
Orin Nano

The new standard for entry-level edge AI.

Welcome to the future of autonomous machines.

AI is enabling new applications that were previously considered science fiction, and impacting nearly every industry. Autonomous machines take advantage of AI to solve some of the world’s toughest problems. The NVIDIA Jetson platform–including powerful next-gen Orin technology–gives you the tools to develop and deploy AI-powered robots, drones, IVA applications, and other autonomous machines that think for themselves.


Enable robots and other autonomous machines to perceive, navigate, and manipulate the world around them.

Machine Vision

Use AI to quickly identify defects with pinpoint accuracy to ensure the highest product quality with autonomous optical inspection (AOI).


Bring the power of AI to a wide variety of IoT gateways and edge devices to enable local processing of sensors and data.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Get real-time actionable insights through streaming video analytics.

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their business with Jetson embedded systems.

Discover the Jetson family.

Powering robots and other autonomous machines

NVIDIA Jetson modules deliver accelerated computing capabilities at different performance levels and prices to suit a variety of autonomous applications. From manufacturing to construction, healthcare to delivery, the NVIDIA Jetson platform delivers unequaled performance, power efficiency, and ease of development. Learn more about the Jetson family.

Jetson AGX Orin series

Up to 275 TOPS
100mm x 87mm
Starting at 899 USD
Available now

Jetson Orin NX series

Up to 100 TOPS
70mm x 45mm
Starting at 399 USD
Available starting Dec 2022

Jetson Orin Nano series

Up to 40 TOPS
70mm x 45mm
Starting at 199 USD
Available Jan 2023

Jetson AGX Xavier series

Up to 32 TOPS
10-30W | 20-40W
100mm x 87mm
Starting at 899 USD

Jetson Xavier NX series

70mm x 45mm
Starting at 399 USD

Jetson TX2 series

7.5-15W | 10-20W
Starting at 70mm x 45mm
Starting at 149 USD

Jetson Nano

70mm x 45mm
99 USD

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Deep Learning Accelerator on Jetson Orin.

Deep Learning Accelerator on Jetson Orin.

NVIDIA Jetson Orin and Jetson Xavier™ modules feature Deep Learning Accelerators (DLA) -- fixed-function accelerator engines for hardware acceleration of deep learning operations. It’s capable of efficiently executing and pooling layers that are common in modern neural network architectures.

Built for the Harshest Environments

Jetson Ruggedized Systems

Robotics and automation are increasingly being used in manufacturing, agriculture, construction, energy, government, and other industries. These applications often require extended temperature, shock, and vibration specifications to operate in harsh environments. The NVIDIA Jetson Platform offers multiple options for rugged applications.

Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial delivers the highest performance for AI embedded industrial and functional safety applications in a power-efficient, rugged system-on-module. It’s form-factor and pin-compatible with Jetson AGX Xavier and offers up to 20X the performance and 4X the memory of Jetson TX2i, so you can bring the latest AI models to your most demanding use cases.

The Stories Behind the Innovation

Restocking Robot Rolls Out to Hundreds of Convenience Stores

Tokyo-based startup Telexistence announced it will deploy NVIDIA AI-powered robots to restock shelves at hundreds of FamilyMart convenience stores in Japan.

Seoul Robotics Helps Cars Move and Park on Their Own

Imagine having your regular car drive off to park itself. Powered by NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, this system turns non-autonomous cars into self-driving vehicles.

HuEx Brings AI to the Drive-Through Experience

Toronto startup HuEx is piloting a conversational AI assistant for drive-throughs to help support several popular Canadian fast food chains.

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