NVIDIA Metropolis

Transform data from trillions of IoT devices into valuable insights using vision AI.

NVIDIA Metropolis is an application framework, set of developer tools, and partner ecosystem that brings visual data and AI together to improve operational efficiency and safety across a range of industries. It helps make sense of data created by trillions of sensors for some of the world’s most valuable physical transactions. These include frictionless retail, streamlined inventory management, traffic engineering in smart cities, optical inspection on factory floors, patient care in healthcare facilities, and more. Enterprises can take advantage of Metropolis developer tools and ecosystem to create, deploy, and scale AI and IoT applications from the edge to the cloud.

Metropolis Across Industries

Enabling transformational efficiency and safety improvements across a wide range of industries.

Smart Cities & Spaces

Improve city infrastructure, parking spaces, buildings, and public services.

  • Intelligent Traffic Systems
  • Access Control
  • Public Transit
  • Smart Buildings

Retail and Logistics

Improve customer satisfaction, in-store analytics, and business efficiency.

  • Frictionless Checkout
  • Loss Prevention
  • Truck and Goods Routing
  • Inventory Management

Industrial and Manufacturing

Improve industrial inspection, increase productivity, and reduce waste on manufacturing lines.

  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Remote Asset Monitoring
  • Safety and Compliance


Improve patient care, ensure public safety, and enhance operational efficiency at healthcare facilities.

  • Temperature Screening
  • PPE Detection
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Surgery Analytics


Build With NVIDIA Metropolis

Experience greater performance and scalability using NVIDIA DeepStream, TAO Toolkit, microservices, generative AI, and NVIDIA® CUDA-X™ acceleration libraries. Explore the full set of NVIDIA Metropolis developer tools to supercharge your AI-powered video analytics development and deployment effort.

NVIDIA Combines Digital Twins With Real-Time AI for Industrial Automation

For industries with expansive factories and warehouses looking to adopt AI for automation, real-world testing is incredibly costly and complex. NVIDIA Metropolis, Omniverse™, Isaac™, and cuOpt™ together offer an “AI gym” in which users can train AI agents to help robots and humans sync with their environment. This helps them navigate unpredictable or complex events in industrial spaces.

Develop Generative AI Applications With NVIDIA VIA

NVIDIA VIA (Visual Insight Agent) is a collection of workflows to build AI agents capable of processing large amounts of live or archived videos and images with Vision-Language Models (VLM) - whether deployed at the edge or cloud. This new generation of visual AI agents will help nearly every industry summarize, search, and extract actionable insights from video using natural language.

Metropolis APIs and Microservices for Jetson Edge AI

Tap into a powerful collection of Metropolis APIs and microservices specifically built to fast-track development and deployment of vision AI applications on the NVIDIA Jetson™ edge-AI platform.

Build Smarter, Safer Factories With AI

Improve manufacturing operational efficiency and safety with NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories. This is a collection of factory automation AI workflows—powered by vision AI—that lets industrial solution providers and manufacturers develop, deploy, and manage customized AI solutions in factories.

Making Our Spaces Smarter With AI-Enabled Video Analytics

A new generation of AI applications is rolling out with NVIDIA Metropolis to drive incredible operational efficiency and safety gains across a broad range of use cases. Download a free e-book to learn how NVIDIA Metropolis is helping to build smarter spaces around the world.

NVIDIA Metropolis Partner Program: Join The Movement

The NVIDIA Metropolis partner ecosystem is a large and growing family of over 1,000 companies bringing to market Vision AI powered solutions across dozens of industries.

Explore how other top AI teams use NVIDIA Metropolis tools to develop AI-enabled video analytics solutions.

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