Digital Twins

Physically Accurate Virtual Representations Built and Operated in Omniverse Enterprise from the Data Center

A New Class of Industrial Digital Twin

For industrial applications such as factory and warehouse design, logistics, and distribution, physically accurate, precision-timed digital twins are the key to unlocking operational efficiencies. They can also deliver enhanced predictive analysis and software and process automation that maximize productivity and help maintain faultless operation. With NVIDIA OmniverseEnterprise and NVIDIA® OVX together, enterprises can quickly develop and operate complex AI-enabled digital twins to realize these benefits.


What is an Omniverse Digital Twin?

An Omniverse Enterprise digital twin is a large-scale, physically accurate simulation of an industrial asset, process, or environment with multiple autonomous systems perfectly synchronized with real-world data streams.

Physically accurate digital twins

Physically Accurate Replica

Omniverse Enterprise digital twins are physically accurate with true-to-reality physics, materials, lighting, rendering, and behavior. This allows for virtual system testing, layout changes, software optimizations, or upgrades, avoiding any system downtime or failure in the physical twin.

Perfectly Synchronized

Perfectly Synchronized

Omniverse Enterprise digital twins are true real-time, living simulations that are operating in precise timing, where the virtual representation is constantly synchronized to the physical world. This enables enterprises to not only diagnose a single moment in time but accurately simulate and predict infinite ‘what-if’ scenarios.


AI-Enabling, AI-Enabled

Coupled with NVIDIA Isaac, Metropolis, cuOpt, Modulus, and more, enterprises can achieve an autonomous feedback loop between the real world and digital twin environments, constantly retraining and optimizing perception AIs like robots or conveyor belts, or, constantly run predictive “what-if” simulations to reoptimize the digital twin itself.

Connect 3D design and CAD applications

Interoperable and Extensible

Built on open standards, Omniverse enables enterprises and developers to aggregate and connect 3D design and CAD applications to build and iterate upon a single source of truth virtual model, connecting and extending to IoT, data systems, and industrial automation tools.

Siemens and NVIDIA Partner to Build Industrial Metaverse

Connecting the Siemens Xcelerator ecosystem with NVIDIA Omniverse’s AI-enabled, physically accurate simulation engine enables a new era of industrial automation.

See Omniverse Digital Twins in Action

Companies across industries and disciplines are seeing the importance of large-scale, living digital twins. From industrial to scientific computing use cases, see how Omniverse and NVIDIA technology is ushering in a new era of predictive analysis, operational efficiencies, and innovative automation.

  • Warehouse & Logistics
  • Factory & Industrial
  • Scientific, Climate & Weather
  • Autonomous Agents

Amazon Robotics

Orchestrating a Global Network of Warehouses

Amazon’s over 200 fulfillment centers handle tens of millions of packages per day, a complex operation requiring over half a million mobile drive robots to support warehouse logistics. Amazon Robotics is building AI-enabled digital twins of their warehouses in NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise to better optimize warehouse design and flow, to train more intelligent robot assistants, and gain overall productivity.


Optimizing Distribution Center Throughput

One billion PepsiCo products are consumed each day, enabled by a complex network of hundreds of distribution centers. With NVIDIA partner Kinetic Vision, PepsiCo is developing AI-powered digital twins of their distribution centers in NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and optimizing operations with NVIDIA Metropolis and TAO—improving throughput, reducing downtime, and reducing energy consumption.

Siemens Energy

Preventing Downtime and Maintenance

By accurately and efficiently predicting corrosion proactively via a digital twin, Siemens Energy estimates huge financial and time savings by reducing inspections and downtime due to repairs using NVIDIA Modulus Physics-ML Framework and NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise.

BMW Group

Transforming Automotive Manufacturing

BMW Group's Factory of the Future 2.0 is an expansion of the virtual factory unveiled at GTC in Spring 2021—designed, simulated, operated, and maintained entirely in NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise. Featuring digital humans and autonomous robots that obey the laws of physics, the factory represents a perfect digital twin of the factory in reality.


Testing and Optimizing 5G Deployment

Ericsson is building digital twin cities for 5G research using NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and can quickly model network performance across dynamic environmental elements more accurately. NVIDIA RTX-accelerated real-time ray tracing enables researchers to see precise representations of signal quality at every point in the city in real time.

Lockheed Martin

Improved Wildfire Prediction and Suppression

NVIDIA and Lockheed Martin are partnering to build an advanced AI and digital twin-enabled fire response system to improve fire prediction and suppression efforts. In Omniverse, Lockheed fire science experts build a physically accurate digital twin of wildfire-prone geography, then test their AI model, trained on real-world wildfire data.

U.K. Atomic Energy Authority

Accelerating Fusion Reactor Design and Development

UKAEA and researchers at the University of Manchester are building a fusion reactor digital twin in NVIDIA Omniverse. By bringing the full-fidelity 3D geometries from their design and CAD applications into Omniverse, the teams can work collaboratively and see the design of the whole machine rather than just individual subcomponents.

NVIDIA Earth-2

Advancing Climate Research

Creating a “Digital Twin” of the Earth using technologies like the NVIDIA Omniverse Kitware ParaView Connector allows scientists to interactively analyze hundreds of terabytes of weather and climate data in 3D. By combining information from multiple sources, scientists can simultaneously explore “what if” scenarios with various collaborators working across different high-performance computing systems.

NVIDIA Isaac Sim on Omniverse

Isaac Sim on Omniverse

Testing and Training Robots and Autonomous Machines

NVIDIA Isaac Sim on Omniverse is a robotics simulation application and synthetic data generation tool in the NVIDIA Omniverse simulation and collaboration platform. It provides a photo-realistic, physically accurate simulation environment that can be run directly from a python script or through ROS.

For roboticists and robot users who want to develop, test, and manage AI-based robots, only Isaac Sim delivers the scalability and interoperability of the Omniverse platform.

NVIDIA DRIVE Sim on Omniverse

DRIVE Sim on Omniverse

Testing and Validating Autonomous Vehicles

DRIVE Sim uses high-fidelity and physically accurate simulation to create a safe, scalable, and cost-effective way to bring self-driving vehicles to our roads. It taps into NVIDIA’s core technologies—including NVIDIA RTX™, Omniverse™, and AI—to deliver a powerful, cloud-based computing platform capable of generating a wide range of real-world scenarios for AV development and validation.

DRIVE Sim creates digital twins of real-world environments using precision map data and can generate datasets to train the vehicle’s perception systems or test the decision-making processes.


Omniverse Computing System for Developing and Operating Industrial Digital Twins

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