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From teaching the next generation of academics to pioneering the next scientific discovery, faculty and researchers are solving some of today’s greatest challenges while shaping the future. Universities are at the forefront of this discovery, driving innovation, societal impact, and industrial transformation to advance human knowledge.

Computing power is the key to success across the entire academic institution.


The Titan of Turing has Arrived

Powered by the award winning Turing™ architecture, TITAN RTX delivers ultimate performance for deep learning and creative applications.
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Research at NVIDIA

Groundbreaking technology begins with the world’s foremost researchers. Explore the leading-edge research that NVIDIA collaborates on.
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Hands-on Training with NVIDIA DLI

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute offers hands-on training in deep learning and accelerated computing.
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GPU-Accelerated Applications

See how you can unlock computational power to accelerate intensive scientific applications across a variety of domains. Learn More >

Learning with Opponent-Learning Awareness

Watch as Jakob Foerster from University of Oxford presents a novel approach to multi-agent reinforcement learning that stabilizes learning and leads to cooperation. Watch the Webinar >

Deep Learning Solutions

Solve the greatest challenges with deep learning.
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Data Center Solutions

Power modern research centers with accelerated computing.
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Design and Visualization

Bring unparalleled visualization capabilities to your classroom and campus.
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Data Analytics Solutions

Turn your data into insights with GPU-accelerated analytics.
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Accelerating Research, Advancing Discovery


See how University of Florida and University of North Carolina developed ANAKIN-ME to accelerate quantum chemistry (QC) for drug discovery.
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Explore how the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence deploys convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to address the challenges of land use. Watch the Webinar >

Princeton/ITER Fusion Energy

See how deep learning can be used to predict disruptions in a tokamak fusion reactor, paving the way to clean energy. Learn More >

Meet the Innovators

Find out what fuels the elite thinkers of today. This photo gallery series spotlights the rising stars of artificial intelligence “in their own words”. From childhood dreams to recent accomplishments, they give you an inside look at what motivates them to do their best work.