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Experience end-to-end workflows for AI, data science, 3D design collaboration, and more.

What Is NVIDIA LaunchPad?

NVIDIA LaunchPad provides free access to enterprise NVIDIA hardware and software through an internet browser. Customers can experience the power of AI with end-to-end solutions through guided hands-on labs or use NVIDIA-Certified Systems™ as a sandbox. Test, prototype, and deploy your own applications and models against the latest and greatest that NVIDIA has to offer.

Request Access to Hands-On Labs

Ready for a hands-on experience with NVIDIA software solutions? Pick a lab to begin your journey.

How it works.

Join LaunchPad to Experience a Lab in a Few Easy Steps


Choose Your Desired Lab

Choose your desired lab in the catalog and click “Take This Lab.”


Fill in the Application Form

On the lab’s information page, fill out the LaunchPad form. Follow the steps in the email sent to you.


Wait for Approval

Once approved for the LaunchPad program, you’ll be given access to the lab for up to two weeks.


Take Additional Labs

After your first lab, you can request to try additional labs in LaunchPad.

Each lab comes with world-class service and support.

Here’s What You Can Expect From NVIDIA LaunchPad Labs

A Hands-On Experience

Take curated labs that walk you through the entire process, from infrastructure optimization to application deployment.

Ready-to-Use Infrastructure

Test and prototype on ready-to-use infrastructure that’s hosted at Equinix and available to you for up to two weeks.

Assistance From Experts

Learn from documented, self-paced experiences and access assistance from NVIDIA experts when you need it

Confident Design and Purchase Decisions

After using NVIDIA LaunchPad, you’ll make more confident design and purchase decisions to accelerate your journey.

See the NVIDIA LaunchPad Workflow

With NVIDIA LaunchPad, you’ll have access to hands-on labs on accelerated compute infrastructure—from the state-of-the-art NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™ to mainstream NVIDIA-Certified Systems™. Following a successful experience, you’ll be more confident with your design and purchase decisions and better able to fast-track your project.

NVIDIA LaunchPad Is Available Worldwide

NVIDIA LaunchPad resources are available in nine regions across the globe in Equinix data centers. These resources include both NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD and mainstream NVIDIA-Certified Systems running complete NVIDIA AI software stacks—from GPU and DPU SDKs, to leading AI frameworks like TensorFlow and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, to application frameworks focused on vision AI, medical imaging, cybersecurity, design collaboration, and more.

Check out the Benefits of the LaunchPad Experience

Whether you’re an AI developer, data scientist, designer, or IT professional, the benefits of trying out enterprise solutions on NVIDIA LaunchPad are numerous.

Explore End-to-End Workflows

Experience end-to-end workflows while learning about new products and technologies.

Get Hands-On Experience

Access curated experiences across AI, data science, and 3D design.

Enjoy Easy Access

Get started quickly without installing software, tuning for functionality, or finding a dataset to use.

Use Accelerated Infrastructure

Try up to $20,000 (cloud-equivalent) of accelerated compute infrastructure for free.

Explore End-to-End Workflows

Experience interactive, 3D design collaboration and multi-GPU, scalable simulation, while experimenting with core NVIDIA Omniverse™ rendering, AI, and simulation technologies.

Get Hands-On Experience

Access curated experiences for 3D designers, artists, engineers, and design project reviewers.

Test Software Before Real-World Use

Test the same Omniverse Enterprise software stack that can be deployed across NVIDIA-Certified workstations and servers (enabled with NVIDIA RTX™).

Use Accelerated Infrastructure

Try up to $20,000 (cloud-equivalent) of accelerated compute infrastructure for free.

Optimize Deployment and Scaling

Learn how to optimally deploy and scale modern, data-intensive applications.

Get Hands-On Experience

Access curated experiences for MLOps and infrastructure optimization.

Test Software Before Real-World Use

Test the same complete software and hardware stack that can be deployed anywhere.

Use Accelerated Infrastructure

Try up to $20,000 (cloud-equivalent) of accelerated compute infrastructure for free.

Experience a hands-on lab on NVIDIA LaunchPad.