RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark

Accelerate all major Apache Spark 3 platforms with NVIDIA GPUS—without code changes.


Faster Execution Time

Accelerate the performance of data preparation tasks to train AI models faster and enable real-time analytics.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Do more with less: Spark on NVIDIA GPUs completes jobs faster with less hardware when compared to CPUs, saving time as well as on-premises capital costs or operational costs in the cloud.

Quick Time to Value

Experience benefits quickly with no required code changes. Included tools identify the best jobs for GPU acceleration and calculate optimal configurations.

Use Cases for Accelerated Spark

GPU acceleration can help you improve business outcomes in a number of ways. Here are some key use cases for RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark.

Data Processing Scalability

Growing volumes of data stress IT resources. GPU acceleration enhances compute infrastructure so it can process vastly more data. By accelerating their operations, Taboola was able to maintain their processing deadlines on growing data volumes within their existing data center footprint.

AI Pipelines

AI pipelines consist of multiple steps, including data preparation, transformation, feature engineering, and data extraction. Accelerating these operations with GPUs results in quicker time to training, along with dramatic infrastructure cost reductions. AT&T reduced both the cost and time of their AI pipeline by 70 percent.

Real-Time Analytics

Businesses rely on the latest data to make critical operational decisions. GPU acceleration lets them work with up-to-date information and get insights in real time. Using GPUs, CapGemini helped an international retailer reduce transaction processing time from days to hours.

TCO Analysis Tool

How Fast Can You Go?

Evaluate your own Apache Spark workloads for GPU acceleration potential and learn how to configure a cluster for optimal cost savings.

Enterprise-Ready Spark Acceleration

RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark is available with NVIDIA AI Enterprise. Get optimized performance for Spark deployments with full access to enterprise-grade support, security, and stability on certified platforms across on prem and cloud—including Amazon EMR, Google Cloud Dataproc, and Databricks. Take advantage of guaranteed response times, priority security notifications, and access to data science experts from NVIDIA.

NVIDIA LaunchPad provides free access to enterprise NVIDIA hardware and software through an internet browser. Customers can experience the power of GPU-accelerated Spark through guided hands-on labs. 

Get the Free Ebook to Learn More About GPU-Accelerated Apache Spark

To unlock the value of AI-powered big data and learn more about the next evolution of Apache Spark, download the ebook Accelerating Apache Spark 3.x—Leveraging NVIDIA GPUs to Power the Next Era of Analytics and AI.