Looking for ways to embark on an epic career journey as a developer or tech specialist?  We’ve got a summer technology session series to get you on your way. Check out our “getting started” videos to explore the fundamentals of today’s hottest technologies. Or, get a deeper dive with Deep Learning Institute (DLI) training and discover new interests at your own pace.

Deep Learning Demystified

Learn the fundamentals of accelerated data analytics, high-level use cases, and problem-solving methods.

How GPU Computing Works

Learn how to connect the dots between physical hardware and parallel computing.

Explore resources for getting started in accelerated graphics available to students and educators. View Document: Computer Graphics Essentials >

Follow Your Passion

Artificial Intelligence

Explore how AI works and dive a little deeper into conversational AI and big data.

Deep Learning

Understand how deep learning and multi-layered artificial neural networks can boost accuracy in tasks.


Discover the endless opportunities for robots to create new efficiencies and improve quality of life.

Data Science

Learn how to maximize productivity, and reduce data science infrastructure costs with GPU-accelerated data science.

Developer Tools

Get started on learning the fundamentals  of developer tools and how they can power changes in your work.

Accelerated Graphics

Get started in the game and film industry with skills in collaborative design, ray tracing, real-time rendering, animation/VFX, and more.

Brilliant Minds. Breakthrough Discoveries.

Join the Conference for AI Innovators, Technologists, and Creators

Take Your AI Skills to the Next Level

Check out programs, training, and events that offer technology insights, hands-on training, expert led sessions, networking events, and much more.

NVIDIA Developer Program

Get the best resources to tackle any developer challenge—access to free SDKs, technical documentation, peer and domain expert help, and hardware insights.

Deep Learning Institute (DLI)

Get hands-on training for practical experience in AI and accelerated computing for developers, data scientists, and students.


Our end-user event offers something for everyone, with sessions covering groundbreaking technologies, industry use cases, and opportunities to connect with experts.