Graphics, AI, and the Emergence of Shared Worlds

August 9-13, 2021

SIGGRAPH 2021 was an incredible success. If you missed out on anything you wanted to explore, you can dive into our latest innovations in graphics here. Creators, students, researchers, and other professionals can experience how AI is transforming the future of graphics, from simulation to interactive collaboration and creative tools. And, take a look at how NVIDIA Research, NVIDIA Omniverse, and design and visualization solutions are driving advanced breakthroughs in graphics workflows and GPU-accelerated software.

Latest in Graphics

Virtual Research Presentations

Our accepted papers and real-time live demo features a range of groundbreaking research in computer graphics. From neural scene graphs using a streaming neural renderer, which can handle graphs with a varying number of objects and thereby facilitates scalability to AI-driven digital avatars, explore the exceptional work we’re bringing to the SIGGRAPH community.

 AI-Driven Digital Avatar

Neural Scene Graph Rendering

Jonathan Granskog | Till Schnabel | Fabrice Rousselle | Jan Novák | Paper | Session

An Unbiased Ray-Marching Transmittance Estimator

Markus Kettunen | Eugene D’Eon | Jacopo Pantaleoni | Jan Novák | Paper | Session

StrokeStrip: Joint Parameterization and Fitting of Stroke Clusters

Dave Pagurek Van Mossel | Chenxi Liu | Nicholas Vining | Mikhail Bessemeltsev | Alla Sheffer | Paper | Session

Real-Time Neural Radiance Caching for Path Tracing

Thomas Müller | Fabrice Rousselle | Jan Novák | Alexander Keller | Paper | Session

Virtual Booth Demos

  • Omniverse
  • Powered by AI
  • RTX Accelerated
Marbles RTX on NVIDIA Omniverse

Marbles RTX

Marbles RTX was created by a distributed team of artists and engineers in Omniverse. They assembled VFX+ quality assets in a fully physically simulated game level without sacrificing quality and fidelity.

 BMW Group's factory of the future

Designing, Optimizing and Operating the Factory of the Future

Explore the next era of manufacturing. This demo showcases BMW Group's factory of the future—designed, simulated, operated, and maintained entirely in NVIDIA Omniverse.

NVIDIA Omniverse: Exploring DeepSearch with Activision

Exploring DeepSearch with Activision

Companies like Activision have built massive asset catalogs over many years that will continue to grow. Omniverse "Deep Search" makes searching thousands of Call of Duty 3D assets completely intuitive, while Omniverse RTX Renderer's real-time path-traced rendering displays the search results in ultra-high fidelity, providing environmental lighting based on the game level.

NVIDIA Omniverse™

Architecture Demo with Live Sync on Omniverse

Watch four architectural artists and engineers collaborate in real-time on a single building concept design. Connected via a Nucleus Server and multiple instances of Omniverse View, the designers are able to work together and use Autodesk Revit, Autodesk 3ds Max, and Substance Painter within one unified platform. 

Visualizing a Twin Earth in NVIDIA Omniverse

Visualizing a Twin Earth in NVIDIA Omniverse

Creating a “Digital Twin” of the Earth using Omniverse ParaView Connector lets scientists interactively analyze weather and climate data in 3D, and explore “what if” scenarios.

NVIDIA Omniverse Kaolin


Built for 3D deep learning researchers, Omniverse Kaolin is an interactive application that provides interactive tools that allow visualizing 3D outputs of any Deep Learning model.


Interactive Visualization of Galactic Winds with NVIDIA Omniverse

NVIDIA IndeX is a volumetric visualization tool that lets researchers interactively visualize large scientific dataset for deeper insights faster. With Omniverse, you can virtually collaborate globally in real time while using multiple apps simultaneously.

NVIDIA RTX accelerated ray tracing and AI

Interactive Volumes with NanoVDB in Blender Cycles

NanoVDB makes volume rendering more GPU memory efficient, so larger and more complex scenes can be interactively adjusted and rendered with NVIDIA RTX accelerated ray tracing and AI denoising.

DaVinci Resolve AI Tools

DaVinci Resolve AI Tools

Let’s dive into a visual trick using a new NVIDIA RTX-accelerated AI tool in DaVinci Resolve 17 called Magic Mask.

NVIDIA's AI research in action: GANcraft Scene Generatio

NVIDIA’s Work in AI

Watch to see NVIDIA's AI research in action: GANcraft Scene Generation, SyleGAN High-Res Image Generation, DLSS AI Rendering, Sim2Real Quadraped Locomotion, SimNet Physics-informed AI Model, GANverse3D 2D to 3D Generation.

Accelerating AI in Photoshop Neural Filters with RTX A2000

Accelerating AI in Photoshop Neural Filters with RTX A2000

AI-enhanced Neural Filter in Adobe Photoshop accelerated with NVIDIA RTX A2000 takes photo editing into the future. The NVIDIA RTX A2000 combined with Photoshop AI tools like Skin Smoothing and Smart Portrait allow photo editors to take advantage of the power of AI to create stunning portraits.


Multiple Artists, One Server

Accelerate visual effects production with the NVIDIA EGX Platform to enable multiple artists to work together on a powerful, secure server from anywhere.

NVIDIA RTX™-powered mobile workstations

3D Photogrammetry on an RTX Mobile Workstation

Get 3D assets from the real world into the digital world with 3D scanning. NVIDIA RTX-powered mobile workstations help drive the process of 3D scanning using photogrammetry, from a studio or remote location.

NVIDIA RTX 30 Series

GPU-Accelerated Motion Blur in Blender

With RTX 30 Series and RT Core accelerated apps like Blender Cycles, creators can enjoy up to 5x faster motion blur rendering than prior generation RTX. See how.

Streaming Immersive 3D Design and Character Creation with NVIDIA CloudXR

Streaming Immersive 3D Design and Character Creation with NVIDIA CloudXR

3D character artists use Masterpiece Studio to immersively work face-to-face with their creations entirely in VR. By leveraging CloudXR and the Google Cloud Platform, artists can realize their visions from anywhere and achieve a seamless character creation workflow in an immersive environment.


Visualizing Simulation Data with CloudXR and RTX A5000

With the power of the NVIDIA RTX GPUs and NVIDIA CloudXR, professionals can validate and experience high-fidelity Simulation Data like never before. Complex and dense data can be analyzed in-context to the project site, in real-time, in real-world scale.

Technical Training

NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI)

Gain new skills and get technical training in AI, graphics, and simulation through DLI.
Explore resources for getting started in accelerated graphics available to students and educators. View Document: Computer Graphics Essentials.

Omniverse 101: Getting Started with Universal Scene Description for Collaborative 3D Workflows

Join this self-paced training to get an introduction to Universal Scene Description. We cover its history and purpose followed by a series of hands-on exercises consisting of training videos accompanied by live scripted examples. This session will take you through important concepts like layer composition, references and variants. We complete the introduction with an overview of USD scene composition using Python.

Graphics & Omniverse Teaching Kit

Enhance your curricula with the new DLI Graphics & Omniverse Teaching Kit. DLI Teaching Kits are designed for college and university educators looking to incorporate AI, graphics, and Omniverse into their coursework. Each topic has downloadable teaching materials and online courses that provide the foundation for understanding and building hands-on expertise in these critical areas.

Masterclass by the Masters - Using Omniverse for Artistic 3D Workflows

Learn how artists and creators around the world are customizing their own flavor of Omniverse for their workflows. In this self-paced masterclass, experience a collection of vignettes made by expert talent and get a glimpse behind the curtain of the creative masters. See live-edit, multi-app workflows using Omniverse Connectors in action, or scene composition and rendering in Omniverse Create.

Get Started with Deep Learning

Jump into AI with DLI’s instructor-led workshop on the fundamentals of deep learning. See how deep learning works through hands-on exercises in computer vision and natural language processing. Train deep learning models from scratch utilizing the latest tools and techniques to achieve highly accurate results.

You can earn a certificate of competence with the successful completion of the course.

Receive 25% off the Fundamentals of Deep Learning workshop scheduled in August and September with code DLI_SIGGRAPH21. Space is limited, so register today.

For You


With NVIDIA RTX technology and NVIDIA Omniverse, creators around the world are elevating their 3D models with real-time rendering and physically accurate materials. Hear from artists, architectural designers, and archaeologists who've recently experienced the powerful features and capabilities of NVIDIA RTX and Omniverse.



Ray Tracing Gems II Book Giveaway

Rendering experts unite to unearth true “gems” for developers of games, architectural applications, visualization, and more in this exciting era of real-time rendering. Enter to win a limited-edition hard copy of Ray Tracing Gems II, the follow up to 2019’s Ray Tracing Gems.

AI in Action


Hear from Graphics Luminaries

Before the show, listen to NVIDIA luminaries talk about the past, present, and future of graphics, and what they’re most excited for next. Tune in to special edition AI Podcast episodes featuring the NVIDIA innovators attending SIGGRAPH 2021, and learn how they’re revolutionizing the world of graphics with AI.

What's Next at Intersection of AI and Computer Graphics with Aaron Lefohn

Getting Clever with Kaolin: Researchers Accelerate 3D Deep Learning with New Tools with Clément Fuji-Tsang and Masha Shugrina

NVIDIA's Simon Yuen Talks About the Future Horizon of Digital Humans with Simon Yuen

NVIDIA Omniverse Gallery

See what artists and developers have made in Omniverse using Omniverse Apps, Omniverse Connectors, and Marbles RTX assets to get inspired for your next creation in the metaverse.

NVIDIA Omniverse Gallery

AI Playground

Create a photorealistic landscape from doodles, update photos to remove any unwanted elements, turn your pet into a lynx or a Saint Bernard and more—no AI experience required. All it takes is a few mouse clicks and AI does the heavy lifting. Interact with AI research demos in real-time, be inspired by the AI Art Gallery, and learn more about AI extensions in Omniverse.



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NVIDIA Developer Program

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Education Partners

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