NVIDIA-Certified Systems for Enterprises

Systems certified by NVIDIA for accelerated computing from leading server partners.

Accelerated Applications Are Transforming Enterprise Computing

Enterprises today need a scalable computing infrastructure that provides the performance, manageability, security, and scalability to deliver cutting-edge products and services, while increasing their operational efficiencies. NVIDIA-Certified Systems™ enable enterprises to confidently deploy hardware solutions that securely and optimally run their modern accelerated workloads.




NVIDIA-Certified Systems are configured to deliver excellent performance for a diverse range of workloads. Customers can run most accelerated applications on these systems, including GPU-optimized software from the NVIDIA® NGC™ catalog and commercially available applications, and be confident that they will perform well.


NVIDIA-Certified System configurations ensure that GPU-enabled servers work well out of the box, streamlining the procurement experience and reducing time to deployment. The validation of features such as remote management further simplifies the experience of IT administrators.


NVIDIA-Certified Systems secure workflows by protecting data at the platform, network, and application layers. Whether deployed in a data center or at the edge, customers can be assured that they do not have to compromise on security features when running accelerated applications.


NVIDIA-Certified Systems are tested on single-node and multi-node configurations to validate cluster-level features and performance. They enable IT to scale out accelerated infrastructure to meet future workload demands.

NVIDIA-Certified Systems for All Workloads

NVIDIA-Certified Systems create the essential platform for the evolution of enterprise data centers, delivering the necessary infrastructure for running a diverse range of accelerated workloads. The certification test suite is designed to exercise the performance and functionality of the configured server by running a set of software that represents a wide range of real-world applications. This includes deep learning (DL) training, AI inference, end-to-end AI frameworks including Jarvis and Clara, data science including Spark, intelligent video analytics (IVA), high-performance computing (HPC) and CUDA® functions, and rendering. It also covers infrastructure performance acceleration such as network and storage offload, security features,  and remote management capabilities.

NVIDIA-Certified Systems Component Options

Certified servers are available with a wide range of choices for acceleration hardware. The following components are supported as a part of the NVIDIA-Certified Systems program.


NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU for PCIe
NVIDIA A30 Tensor Core GPU
NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPU
NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU


NVIDIA® ConnectX®-6
NVIDIA® ConnectX-6 Dx 
NVIDIA BlueField®-2

Enterprise Applications

In addition to supporting hundreds of commercial applications, NVIDIA-Certified Systems enable enterprises to easily deploy software solutions from NVIDIA and partners for AI, Data Analytics, Remote Collaboration, and more.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise

NVIDIA AI Enterprise

NVIDIA AI Enterprise is an end-to-end, cloud-native suite of AI and data analytics software, optimized and certified by NVIDIA to run on VMware vSphere with NVIDIA-Certified Systems.


NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

NVIDIA Omniverse is a revolutionary platform for virtual collaboration and true-to-reality simulation. Globally dispersed teams can accelerate their workflows with one-click interoperability between leading software tools, and seamlessly collaborate in a shared virtual world.

Accelerated Cloudera

Accelerated Cloudera

Data science teams using the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) can accelerate data engineering, analytics, and machine learning workflows with RAPIDS and NVIDIA computing across public and private clouds.

NGC Catalog

NGC Catalog

The NGC catalog is the hub for GPU-optimized software for AI, Data Analytics, HPC, and more.  It simplifies deployments with containers, increases productivity, and shortens time to solution with pre-trained models, resources, SDKs, and Helm charts.

Meet the NVIDIA EGX Platform

One architecture. Every enterprise workload. Discover the platform that's unifying the data center and bringing accelerated computing to every enterprise.

Explore NVIDIA-Certified Partners

NVIDIA-Certified Systems are tested on a wide variety of single-node and cluster configurations and optimized for a diverse range of workloads, from deep learning training and inference to data analytics and industry-specific workloads. They’re available through our large ecosystem of partners.

View the full list of NVIDIA-Certified partners.

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Data Sheet for NVIDIA-Certified Systems

NVIDIA-Certified Systems

Certifiably Fast: Top OEMs Debut World's First NVIDIA-Certified Systems Built to Crush AI Workloads

Certifiably Fast: Top OEMs Debut World's First NVIDIA-Certified Systems Built to Crush AI Workloads

NVIDIA-Certified Systems Frequently Asked Questions

  • What NVIDIA-Certified Systems are available today?

    To see what GPUs are available in systems today, please consult the Qualified Server Catalog page and filter the list for “NVIDIA-Certified Systems.”

  • What type of workloads can I run on the certified systems?

    An NVIDIA-Certified System can run a wide variety of accelerated applications. Servers are tested on a range of representative workloads designed to verify best performance of the whole system, as well as infrastructure tests for security, accelerated data transfer and network security offload on both single-node and cluster-based systems. The goal of the tests is to ensure that the systems can deliver the necessary scalability and performance when running real-life workloads of many types. Customers should choose a GPU and network adapter that supports any special requirements of the application.

  • Can I run RTX Virtual Workstation, Virtual PC, Virtual Apps, or Virtual Compute Server on NVIDIA-Certified Systems?

    Yes, you can run any version of Virtual GPU (vGPU) software on an NVIDIA-Certified System, as long as this server is also on the list of vGPU-Certified Servers.  You must also ensure that the GPUs of the system have the features necessary to support the applications to be run.  See the NVIDIA GPUs for Virtualization web page to determine which GPUs are best suited to run your virtualized applications.

  • Are NVIDIA-Certified Systems supported?

    You can purchase hardware support for NVIDIA-Certified System directly from the server vendor. These systems also qualify for NVIDIA-Certified Systems Software Support, which you can purchase for support on drivers and other infrastructure software components from NVIDIA, as well as software in the NGC Catalog that is published by NVIDIA. Additional support services are provided with the license purchase of other NVIDIA software, including NVIDIA Virtual GPU, NVIDIA AI Enterprise and NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise.


    To learn more about support, please visit our support services page.

  • Does an NVIDIA-Certified System need to run Ethernet or InfiniBand?

    A server configuration that has been certified can run either Ethernet or InfiniBand, regardless of how it was tested.

  • How are NVIDIA-Certified Systems different from Qualified Servers or NGC-Ready Systems?

    Qualified Servers

    A server that is qualified for a particular GPU has undergone thermal, mechanical, power and signal integrity qualification to ensure that the GPU is fully functional in that server design. Servers in qualified configurations are supported for production use.


    NGC-Ready Systems

    NGC-Ready servers consist of NVIDIA GPUs installed in qualified enterprise class servers which have passed an extensive suite of single-node tests that validate their ability to deliver high performance running NGC containers. GPUs must be one or more of the following: NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core, T4 Tensor Core, and RTX™ 6000/8000 ​GPUs. For more details on this designation, please see this page.  


    NOTE: The NGC-Ready Systems program has been replaced by the NVIDIA-Certified Systems program. All new GPUs will be covered only by the NVIDIA-Certified Systems program, although customers can still purchase a wide range of NGC-Ready Systems and still be fully supported.

Questions about NVIDIA-Certified Systems?