Energy Efficiency Calculator

Whether you’re a scientist working on climate modeling, an engineer designing new products, or a data analyst making sense of large datasets, NVIDIA’s solutions can help you do your life’s work better and more efficiently. With accelerated computing, we can drive innovation across industries while reducing our impact on the environment.

Use this simple estimator to compare the costs and energy consumption of a workload running on an x86 CPU versus an NVIDIA GPU. You’ll see:

  • A node count comparison for equal throughput
  • The annual energy consumption and cost savings for each system at equal throughput
  • Estimates of CO2 equivalent savings, are represented by the energy savings

To use it, you’ll need to know the performance on CPU, the performance on GPU, the number of CPU cores, and the number of GPUs used to reach the performance level. Currently, this estimator is limited to single-node comparisons.  For reference, see the AI and HPC performance pages for Training, Inference, and HPC.

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These estimates are approximate and should not be used for emission inventories or formal carbon emissions analysis.

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