Modern enterprises look to tap into the data generated from billions of IoT sensors found in retail stores, on city streets, and in hospitals. The ability to glean faster insights can mean saving time, costs—even lives. But to do this, edge computing solutions need to deliver powerful, distributed compute, secure and simple remote management, and compatibility with industry-leading technologies.

Meet the NVIDIA EGX Platform

One architecture. Every enterprise workload. Discover the platform that's unifying the data center and bringing accelerated computing to every enterprise.

The Benefits of Accelerated Edge Computing

Lower Latency, Faster Insights

Lower Latency, Faster Insights

Because edge computing processes data locally, instead of in the cloud or a data center, it minimizes latency and bandwidth needs, allowing for real-time feedback and decision-making. For example, intelligent sensors embedded in IoT devices can process data from autonomous machines and cameras on a factory floor and instantly alert workers about anomalies, malfunctions, and more. Beyond embedded devices, businesses can place edge servers in close proximity to the sensors, usually in a server room or closet in a store, hospital, or warehouse, to reduce latency even further.

Powerful Compute, Scalable Infrastructure

By processing data locally, organizations utilize the LAN, which offers higher bandwidth capabilities than cloud computing options, leading to a much broader range of infrastructure scalability. This also enables enterprises to avoid the costly process of transferring large datasets to and from the cloud. 

NVIDIA AI at the Edge
NVIDIA Morpheus

Layered Defense, Secure Data

NVIDIA solutions for edge computing offer industry-leading security protocols to ensure data is always protected. All processed data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and secure and measured boot protects the AI runtime from being compromised. Because systems are on premises to process local sensor feeds, organizations can control where sensor data is stored. AI applications deployed using Fleet Command  are scanned for vulnerabilities and malware, and offer signed containers, certifying that every application deployed is secure.

Alongside Fleet Command, NVIDIA Morpheus provides dynamic protection, monitoring, adaptive policies, and cyber defenses for detecting and remediating threats.

Accelerated Edge Computing Across Industries

Enterprises across every major industry are benefitting from GPU-powered edge computing solutions for faster insights. Select the industry below for more insight into relevant solution benefits.




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Accelerate AI at the Edge with the NVIDIA EGX Platform

The NVIDIA EGX platform securely delivers the power of accelerated AI computing to the edge with an easy-to-deploy, cloud-native software stack, a range of validated servers and devices, and a vast ecosystem of partners who offer EGX through their products and services.

  • Accelerate Insights
  • Manage and Scale Deployments
  • Build AI Applications
NVIDIA EGX platform

Accelerate Insights

The NVIDIA EGX platform allows enterprise IT to deliver diverse applications on high-performance and cost-effective infrastructure. The platform is a combination of high-performance GPU computing and high-speed, secure networking in NVIDIA-Certified Systems™, built and sold by our partners. The EGX platform allows customers to prepare for the future, while driving down costs by standardizing on a single unified architecture, for easy management, deployment, operation, and monitoring.

NVIDIA Fleet Command

Manage and Scale Deployments

NVIDIA Fleet Command™ is a centralized control plane operating in the cloud. Using one-touch provisioning, Fleet Command pairs with NVIDIA EGX servers with ease. Once paired, Fleet Command securely deploys, manages, and scales AI applications across the entire infrastructure in minutes. A resilient software stack means servers self-heal when applications are disrupted and detailed monitoring dashboards provide continuous insight into application and hardware health.

NVIDIA Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Build AI Applications

NVIDIA Software Development Kits (SDKs) provide the tools and building blocks to accelerate the development of AI applications across all industries. The NVIDIA EGX platform is compatible with all applications built using NVIDIA SDKs, providing an end-to-end solution for AI at the edge.