The AI Computing Platform for Medical Devices

Accelerate the next generation of AI-enabled device development with NVIDIA Clara Holoscan. A domain-specific AI computing platform, Clara Holoscan delivers the full-stack infrastructure needed for scalable, software-defined, real-time processing of streaming data at the edge—so developers can build devices and deploy AI applications directly into clinical settings. 


Simulating a surgical environment with an accurate digital twin helps to build and deploy AI-enabled medical devices that can improve surgical efficiency and reduce patient time in the operating room. Learn how NVIDIA Clara Holoscan with NVIDIA Omniverse, gives surgeons the ability to practice patient-specific procedures. 

Explore the benefits of NVIDIA Clara Holoscan.

 Increase developer productivity

Increase developer productivity.

Access domain-specific reference applications, accelerated libraries, and high-performance, graph-composable microservices.

Easily and securely deploy AI

Easily and securely deploy AI.

Use the latest in embedded device security, remote provisioning, and management to deliver product updates remotely and expand business models.

Medical-Grade solution

Trust a medical-grade solution.

Develop and deploy using a platform designed for medical certification (IEC 60601, 62304).

Be ready for production

Be ready for production. 

Rely on a customizable, white-label platform that comes with ten years of hardware and software support to ensure product longevity.

Clara Holoscan streamlines AI development and deployment for medical devices.

Accelerate the end-to-end pipeline of medical device development and deployment with the Clara Holoscan platform. Build containerized AI apps with the Clara Holoscan SDK and MONAI, and streamline deployment in next-generation AI devices with the NVIDIA Clara AGX™ developer kit and NVIDIA IGX.

AI Computing Platform for Medical Devices

Take a closer look at the platform built for AI-enabled
medical devices.

Use an end-to-end platform to quickly and effectively build AI innovation that delivers real-time clinical insights and guidance at the edge.

Build AI-Enabled Medical Devices

Train AI models and build AI applications.

Learn About MONAI Medical AI Framework


MONAI is the domain-specific, open-source medical AI framework that drives research breakthroughs and accelerates AI onto medical devices. MONAI unites doctors with data scientists to unlock the power of medical data to train deep learning models for medical AI workflows.

Explore NVIDIA Clara Holoscan

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan SDK

The NVIDIA Clara Holoscan SDK improves developer productivity with real-time AI processing of front-end sensors, graph execution framework (GFX) streaming pipelines, x86 and cloud support, and pretrained models and reference applications. The SDK comes with long-term support that is ready for IEC 62304.

Fast-track your AI journey with NVIDIA LaunchPad.

Get immediate access to NVIDIA enterprise solutions with free hands-on-labs.

Verify and validate AI applications to deploy to commercial production.

NVIDIA AGX Developer Kit for Medical devices

NVIDIA AGX Developer Kit

The NVIDIA Clara AGX  developer kit delivers real-time streaming connectivity and AI inference for medical devices. Combining the flexibility of the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier embedded Arm® system on a chip (SoC), the performance of the NVIDIA RTX™ 6000 GPU, and the 100GbE connectivity of the NVIDIA ConnectX® SmartNIC, Clara AGX provides an easy-to-use platform for developing software-defined, AI-enabled, real-time, point-of-care medical devices.

NVIDIA IGX Scalable Computing Platform


NVIDIA IGX is the scalable computing platform that can be embedded directly into a medical device or attached as a sidecar for clinical edge computing. Medical device developers can use the IGX developer kit to build, verify, and validate AI for medical device applications. The flagship solution, NVIDIA IGX Orin™, is designed to deliver ultra-fast performance in the size and power envelope needed for the edge. IGX-certified original design manufacturer (ODM) systems are ready for IEC 60601.

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