Accelerated Genome Sequencing Analysis

Experience high-throughput, high-accuracy DNA and RNA sequencing with NVIDIA Clara Parabricks.

Power faster, more accurate genomic analysis with NVIDIA Clara Parabricks®. A GPU-accelerated computational genomics application framework, it delivers accurate and accelerated analysis of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data for researchers, clinical teams, medical centers and sequencing centers for cancer sequencing projects, population studies, RNA-Seq, and many more applications.

High Throughput

High Throughput

Process up to 60 whole genomes per day on a single server.

Better Accuracy

Better Accuracy

No need to sacrifice accuracy to reduce turnaround time. A suite of germline and somatic callers is available.

Flexible Pipelines

Flexible Pipelines

Create customized, accelerated pipelines by configuring over 50 tools for any specific pipeline or application need.

30–60X Faster

30–60X Faster

Reduce computing costs up to 50 percent by running 30–60X faster than CPU-only solutions.

Accelerated Applications for Genomics

From FASTQ to Binary Alignment Map (BAM) to Variant Call Format (VCF), Clara Parabricks accelerates genomic analysis for somatic, germline, and structural variant workflows. It also improves sequencer speeds and consensus read base calling accuracy with a suite of over 50 tools.

Cancer Sequencing

Accelerate cancer sequencing workflows up to 40X with five somatic callers, support for gene panels, and enhanced accuracy when using molecular barcodes or unique molecular indices.

Whole Genome Sequencing

Accelerate whole genome analysis up to 60X with a breadth of tools for streamlined end-to-end workflows, including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions and deletions (indels), and structural variant calling.

Exome Sequencing

Analyze exomes in under five minutes with high-accuracy variant calling and a full suite of germline and somatic callers.

RNA Sequencing

Access a suite of tools to accelerate RNA sequencing, from splice-aware alignment to fusion detection to gene expression quantification.

FASTQ to Binary Alignment Map (BAM) to VCF

Unmatched Performance and Accuracy

Accelerate Germline Variant Analysis

From FastQ to VCF, Clara Parabricks accelerates runtimes across a series of hardware configurations with NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs. Genomic researchers can experience acceleration across every step of their analysis workflows, from alignment to sorting to variant calling. When more GPUs are used, a near-linear scaling in compute times is observed compared to CPU-only systems, allowing over 80X acceleration.

Analyze a Whole Human Genome at 30X Coverage in Less Than 30 Minutes

Maximize Accuracy in Germline Calling

With Clara Parabricks, multiple germline callers can be run simultaneously to improve accuracy, minimizing false positive and/or false negative calls. As shown in this upset plot, when running both DeepVariant and HaplotypeCaller, DeepVariant was able to report  approximately 5,000 variants missed by HaplotypeCaller.

Maximize Accuracy in Germline Calling

Accelerate Somatic Mutation Analysis

Clara Parabricks speeds up runtimes for four somatic callers, accelerating analysis by up to 66X compared to CPU. With Mutect2 and Muse, whole human genome analysis can be reduced from over 30 hours to under one hour. A total of five somatic callers are part of the Parabricks software suite.

Accelerate Cancer Sequencing up to 66X

Improve Somatic Calling Visibility and Accuracy

Clara Parabricks lets you utilize the strengths of multiple callers simultaneously to improve accuracy and extract more insights from your data. A suite of five somatic callers—MuSE, Mutect2, LoFreq, Strelka2, and Somatic Sniper—can be used for comprehensive mutation detection. Run them individually or in combination to uncover more variants at faster speeds with reliable results.

Improve Somatic Calling Visibility and Accuracy

Next-Generation Sequencing on-Premises or in the Cloud

Running NVIDIA Clara Parabricks requires a minimum of two GPUs. On-premise licenses are annual subscriptions on a per-GPU basis, which include full access to all pipelines in the NVIDIA Clara Parabricks software suite.


On-Premises Genomic Analysis Solutions

Running on one NVIDIA DGX™ A100, Clara Parabricks analyzes up to 25,000 whole genomes per year (30X coverage) with Genomic Analysis Toolkit (GATK) from Broad Institute. Throughput scales linearly beyond a single DGX A100.

Genomic Analysis in the Cloud

In the cloud, time is money. Choose from a range of GPU instances capable of analyzing genomes in a matter of minutes. For easy deployment on AWS has Clara Parabricks available in an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for immediate use.

AWS Marketplace : NVIDIA Clara Parabricks Pipelines

How Clara Parabricks Is Making a Real-World Impact

DeepVariant with Clara Parabricks

Regeneron Genetics Center

See how Regeneron is using DeepVariant with Clara Parabricks to generate scalable, high-quality data that can be reproduced across the genomics community.

NVIDIA DGX A100 and Clara Parabricks

National Biobank of Thailand (NBT)

NBT reduced its whole genome sequencing data processing by four months and its individual user processing time from over 30 hours to just 1-2 hours with NVIDIA DGX A100 and Clara Parabricks.

NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs

Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)

With NVIDIA Clara Parabricks and NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs, TGen sped up genomic sequencing analysis by 6X to help determine personalized treatments for children with rare neurological disorders.

NVIDIA Clara Parabricks

Washington University in Saint Louis (WUSTL)

Integrating GPU-based steps with NVIDIA Clara Parabricks enabled Tychele Turner of WUSTL to drastically reduce the runtime for de novo variant calling.


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