Accelerated Genome Sequencing Analysis

Experience high-throughput, high-accuracy DNA and RNA sequencing with GPU-accelerated analysis.

Power faster, more accurate genomic analysis with NVIDIA Clara Parabricks®, the only GPU-accelerated computational genomics toolkit, which delivers fast and accurate analysis for sequencing centers, clinical teams, genomics researchers, and next-generation sequencing instrument developers. 

Key Applications

Speed up applications with best-in-class tools.

Use accelerated tooling for gold-standard germline, somatic, and RNA analysis, at speed.

Up tp 80x Faster

Get up to 80X faster performance.

Experience up to 80X speedups over CPU-only solutions, reducing computing costs by up to 50 percent.

Better Accuracy

Improve accuracy in sequencing analysis.

Bring the power of deep learning to your genomic analysis with Clara Parabricks and GPUs.

Flexible Workflows

Take advantage of flexible workflows.

Create customized workflows by configuring tools in Workflow Description Language (WDL) and NextFlow.

Accelerate genomic analysis from end to end.

Use gold-standard tools.

Clara Parabricks provides GPU-accelerated versions of tools used every day by computational biologists and bioinformaticians—enabling significantly faster runtimes, workflow scalability, and lower compute costs.

The toolkit includes full compatibility with workflow languages and managers (WDL, NextFlow, Cromwell) to easily intertwine GPU- and CPU-powered tasks, as well as support for easy cloud deployment (AWS, GCP, Terra, and DNAnexus).

FASTQ to Binary Alignment Map (BAM) to VCF

Experience unmatched performance.

From FastQ to Variant Call Format (VCF), Clara Parabricks accelerates runtimes across a series of hardware configurations with NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs. Genomic researchers can experience acceleration across every step of their analysis workflows, from alignment to sorting to variant calling. When more GPUs are used, a near-linear scaling in compute times is observed compared to CPU-only systems, allowing over 80X acceleration.

Analyze a Whole Human Genome at 30X Coverage in Less Than 30 Minutes

Deploy on premises, in the cloud, and at the edge.


Build on Premises.

Running on one NVIDIA DGX™ A100, Clara Parabricks analyzes up to 25,000 whole genomes per year (30X coverage) with Genomic Analysis Toolkit (GATK) best practices, with throughput scaling linearly beyond a single DGX A100.

Deploy in the cloud.

In the cloud, time is money. Choose from a range of GPU instances capable of analyzing genomes in a matter of minutes. For easy deployment, several cloud providers host Clara Parabricks as a ready-to-use image for immediate use.

Deploy in the cloud.
Take AI to the edge.

Take AI to the edge.

We collaborate with genomics instrument manufacturers to enable the creation of AI-enabled, software-defined DNA sequencers, spatial transcriptomics, and other -omics devices, improving accuracy and enabling real-time analysis at the edge.

Fast-track your AI journey with NVIDIA LaunchPad.

Get immediate access to NVIDIA enterprise solutions with a free hands-on-lab on Clara Parabricks for accelerated genomic analysis.

Making a real-world impact.

  • Analysis at Scale
  • In Sequencers and Devices
  • For Cutting-Edge Research
NVIDIA Collaborates with Broad Institute researchers

The Broad Institute

NVIDIA is collaborating with Broad to bring GPU-accelerated Parabricks to the Terra Platform, in addition to optimizing AI-accelerated workflows and large language models to advance discovery.

National Biobank of Thailand Accelerates Genomic Discoveries

National Biobank of Thailand (NBT)

NBT reduced its whole genome sequencing data processing by four months and its individual user processing time from over 30 hours to just 1–2 hours with NVIDIA DGX A100 and Clara Parabricks.

Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)

The Human Genome Center (HGC)

HGC at the University of Tokyo announced a new genomics platform to accelerate genomic analysis by 40X compared to a CPU-based environment, utilizing NVIDIA Clara Parabricks Pipelines genomics software. 

Demonstrating the power of GPUs in genomics space

Regeneron Genetics Center

Regeneron is using DeepVariant with Clara Parabricks to generate scalable, high-quality data that can be reproduced across the genomics community.

Ultima Genomics Collaborates with NVIDIA


Ultima Genomics is collaborating with NVIDIA to deliver $100 genome sequencing with AI and accelerated computing.

Singular Genomics Collaborates with NVIDIA


Singular Genomics is collaborating with NVIDIA to deliver market-leading, next-generation sequencing and analysis speeds.

MinIT device, powered by NVIDIA AGX

Oxford Nanopore

Oxford Nanopore is upgrading to its PromethION compute tower, from NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs to A100 GPUs. This processing power increase will enable it to keep up with high-accuracy basecalling and greatly expand the capacity for super-accurate algorithms.

Guinness World Record Awarded for Fastest DNA Sequencing
Image credit: Steve Fisch, courtesy of Stanford University.

Guinness World Record

A team of researchers achieved a new DNA sequencing record—five hours and two minutes—which will allow clinicians to draw blood from a critical-care patient and reach a genetic disorder diagnosis the same day.

Ultrarapid Nanopore Genome Sequencing in a Critical Care

Stanford University, Google, and Oxford Nanopore

Stanford has demonstrated huge reductions in runtime by integrating the GPU-accelerated implementation of DeepVariant available with NVIDIA Clara Parabricks.

GPU-accelerated compute framework for pathogen genomic variant

Purdue University

Researchers at Purdue completed a study that evaluates the performance and accuracy of a GPU-accelerated compute framework for pathogen genomic variant identification.

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