NVIDIA AI Enterprise Support Services

Developing AI solutions from concept to deployment isn't easy. Keep your AI projects on track with NVIDIA AI Enterprise Support Services. Included with the purchase of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, this comprehensive offering gives you direct access to NVIDIA AI experts, defined service-level agreements, and control of your upgrade and maintenance schedules with long-term support options. Additional services, including training and AI workload onboarding, are available.

What’s Included in NVIDIA AI Enterprise Support Services

Coworkers learning about support services for NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite.

Enterprise Support Services

Support, upgrades, and maintenance subscription (SUMS), included with every NVIDIA AI Enterprise software license. 

Receive service-level agreements of four hours for response times during local business hours.

Get broad platform support, including bare metal, virtualized, containerized, GPU, and CPU only.

Supported infrastructure options include NVIDIA-Certified Systems™, NVIDIA DGX™ systems, and the public cloud. 

Access NVIDIA AI experts for guidance on configuration and performance. Engineering and other experts are available 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., during local business hours. 

Receive priority notifications of the latest security fixes and maintenance releases. 

Production branches for a nine-month software stack life cycle with API stability and security. 

Long-term support for up to three years is available for designated software releases.

Enterprise Training Services

Upskill your workforce with Enterprise Training Services for developers, data scientists, and IT professionals to get the most out of NVIDIA AI Enterprise. 

For every 10 licenses purchased, you receive one interactive, self-paced NVIDIA AI Enterprise Administration course.

Topics cover architecture, installation, configuration, operation, and management of NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

Valid until Jan. 31, 2024.

Explore course details in the NVIDIA AI Enterprise Administration Interactive Self-Paced Course.

To claim this offer and get more details, contact training@nvidia.com.

Get More Support

Proactive, Personalized Support

A technical account manager (TAM) is a remote support engineer, project manager, and customer advocate from NVIDIA who focuses on managing technical support issues related to your NVIDIA solutions and proactively helps you avoid potential problems in activities like upgrades. TAMs give you peace of mind by helping to streamline day-to-day operations and reduce the time to resolution for open cases.

Business-Critical Support

Business-critical support helps protect and secure your assets with 24/7 access to support engineers and a faster one-hour response time for severity 1 issues through NVIDIA Support. Experience a faster response time for all of your cases and get your tickets into the priority queue.

Activate NVIDIA AI Enterprise With Selected GPUs

NVIDIA H100 PCIe/NVL GPUs and NVIDIA A800 40GB Active GPUs, featuring next-generation Tensor Cores, come with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software to simplify the building of an AI-ready platform and accelerate AI workloads. Together, they deliver the performance, security, and scalability needed to achieve business value faster.

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