Activate Your NVIDIA AI Enterprise License

Develop and deploy enterprise AI with unmatched performance, security, and scalability.

Get Ready for Production AI

NVIDIA AI Enterprise is an end-to-end, cloud-native software platform that accelerates data science pipelines and while streamlining development and deployment of production-grade retrieval augmented generation (RAG), co-pilots, and other enterprise generative AI applications.  Easy-to-use NIM inference microservices provide optimized model performance with enterprise-grade security, support, manageability, and stability.

Acceleration Out of the Box

Explore the Benefits of Enterprise-Ready AI Software

Innovate Faster With Software Optimized for AI

NVIDIA AI Enterprise includes the full AI software stack needed to accelerate data science pipelines and streamline the development and deployment of production AI, including generative AI, computer vision, and speech AI.

Enterprise-Grade Support, Security, Manageability, and API Stability

NVIDIA AI Enterprise relieves organizations of the burdens associated with maintaining and securing an AI software platform. This frees users to focus on building and deploying AI with enterprise-grade support, security, manageability, and stability.

One Platform for Unlimited AI, Anywhere

Optimized and certified for reliable performance—whether deployed on workstations or in data centers—NVIDIA AI Enterprise provides a unified platform for developing applications once and deploying them anywhere, reducing the risks of moving from pilot to production.

How to Activate Your Subscription



Register your eligible NVIDIA GPU serial numbers on the NGC™ hub.


Software Activation

Follow the step-by-step instructions to activate your NVIDIA AI Enterprise subscription.


Download Software

Download the software from your NGC account


Access Support

Set up your NVIDIA enterprise account to access support for the platform.

View the activation instructions and access the NGC link below.


Each NVIDIA H200 NVL, H100 PCIe, and H100 NVL GPU includes a five-year NVIDIA AI Enterprise subscription. Software activation is required. Each NVIDIA A800 40GB Active GPU includes a three-year NVIDIA AI Enterprise subscription. Software activation is required.

The NVIDIA AI Enterprise software entitlements that come with select NVIDIA GPUs require self-registered activation. You'll need the serial numbers of your NVIDIA GPUs to start the process. View instructions above to complete the activation.

Identify the serial number of your NVIDIA GPU by following these instructions.

The NVIDIA AI Enterprise product page provides an overview of the software as well as many other resources to help you get started.

iew this full library of technology guides, including best practices for deployment, reference architectures for common use cases, and more.

We recommend NVIDIA-Certified Systems™ for best performance of your NVIDIA AI Enterprise software. Refer to the Qualified System Catalog and search for “AI Enterprise Bare Metal” under “NVIDIA Cert Type” for a list of qualified systems.

For assistance, submit a case form or refer to the Enterprise Support webpage for your local support team. Scroll down for regional phone numbers.




NVIDIA DGX™ systems with DDN A3I is the definitive path to production AI with customers worldwide, across generative AI, autonomous vehicles, government, life sciences, financial services, and more. Our integrated solution provides unlimited scaling and improved performance as clusters grow, for faster iteration and, most importantly, speeding business innovation. The combined expertise gives customers the fastest path to a high-performance AI data center with 10X the performance, at a fraction of the power of competitive solutions.




IBM Storage Scale System is the ultra-performance solution that drives AI innovation and scales seamlessly from NVIDIA DGX BasePOD™ to the largest DGX SuperPOD™ installations. Deployed by thousands of organizations for GPU acceleration and AI, IBM Storage Scale System delivers six nines of data reliability, cyber resiliency, and multi-protocol data pipelines for the most-demanding enterprises. Software-defined IBM Storage integrates and tiers your data, so you can leverage a global data platform to bring value to your organization and transform data-intensive AI workloads into actionable insights.




Achieve limitless scale and performance with the VAST Data Platform, making large-scale AI simpler, faster, and easier to manage. VAST is deployed at some of the world's largest supercomputing centers and leading research institutions. VAST’s unique combination of massively parallel architecture, enterprise-grade security, ease of use, and revolutionary data reduction is enabling more organizations to become AI-driven enterprises. VAST’s deep integration with NVIDIA technologies including NVIDIA® BlueField® and GPUDirect® Storage eliminates complexity and streamlines AI pipelines to accelerate insights.




NetApp and NVIDIA set the IT standard for AI infrastructure, offering proven, reliable solutions validated by thousands of deployments. With NetApp's industry-leading Unified Data Storage, organizations can scale their AI workloads and achieve up to 5X faster insights. NetApp's deep industry expertise and optimized workflows ensure tailored solutions for real-world challenges. Partnering with NVIDIA, NetApp delivers advanced AI solutions, simplifying and accelerating the data pipeline with an integrated solution powered by NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™ and cloud-connected, all-flash storage.




Dell PowerScale delivers an AI-ready data platform that accelerates data processing and AI training—now validated on NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™. PowerScale's scalable architecture enables effortless expansion, empowering organizations to refine generative AI models and safeguard data through robust security features. With high-speed Ethernet connectivity, PowerScale accelerates data access to NVIDIA DGX™ systems, minimizing transfer times and maximizing storage throughput. Smart scale-out capabilities, including the Multipath Client Driver and NVIDIA® GPUDirect®, ensure organizations can meet high-performance thresholds for accelerated AI model training and inference.




Optimize your data infrastructure investments and push the boundaries of AI innovation with the WEKApod Data Platform Appliance certified for NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™. Pairing NVIDIA DGX™ infrastructure and networking technologies with the WEKA® Data Platform delivers enhanced performance for diverse AI workloads and fosters faster model training and deployment. The advanced, scale-out architecture transforms stagnant data storage silos into dynamic data pipelines that fuel GPUs more efficiently and powers AI workloads seamlessly and sustainably, on premises and in the cloud.