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From mind reading to life saving

NVIDIA Merlin Recommender System Framework

Snap Inc. is enabling the creation of high-performance recommender systems at scale.

AstraZeneca is helping researchers reduce drug-development time using the power of AI.

NVIDIA with AstraZeneca
GPU-Powered Gravity Wave Detection

Physicists won the Nobel Prize by proving gravitational waves–100 years after Einstein’s prediction.

UC Berkeley made it possible to capture the equivalent of 3D video of living cells to unravel medical mysteries.

3D video of living cells

From proving Einstein right to achieving superhuman sight

From building new worlds to saving our planet

Minecraft with NVIDIA RTX

NVIDIA RTX brings new levels of realism to the world’s best-selling video game—Minecraft.

The NVIDIA Earth-2 supercomputer will predict climate decades out using a digital twin of our planet.

NVIDIA Earth-2 Supercomputer
Guinness World Record

Stanford led a team that sequenced the entire human genome in just 5 hours–a world record.

GPT-3 breakthroughs are significantly accelerating natural language understanding.

GPT-3 AI Language Model

From record-time gene sequencing to real-time voice translation

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