The Machine Muses: AI in Fashion

The Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion, UAL, is showcasing the talent of innovative AI artists through their selection for NVIDIA's AI art gallery. These cutting-edge digital artists use a variety of AI technologies to create and communicate fashion in ways never seen before. This collaboration highlights the limitless potential of AI in the world of fashion and provides a platform for the next generation of digital artists.

The Experience

Wear A.I. Not Fast Fashion by Josephine Miller

AI can be used to create social media posts without promoting the mass consumption of fast fashion. We see so many fashion influencers glamorizing unsustainable brands, only wearing the outfits once for a photo. We now have the power to change between any outfit using AI, through any prompt imaginable.

Caribeanofuturisme by Johannes Saam

Caribéanofuturisme is a future-oriented, nomadic exhibition that uses multi-platform, immersive experiences, including traditional and digital elements. Johannes contributes to the production by Manuel Sainsily with an art piece featuring a professional dancer performing over an afrobeat. AI technologies “augment” the video footage, portraying the current struggle between traditional and futuristic arts. The result is a hypnotic dance that catches the eyes of the museum’s audience while making them question their relationship with current dystopian narratives.

IWander [001] - Computer History by Yuqian Sun (CheeseTalk)

Wander ( is an android traveling on the future earth. She can generate interactive fiction based on real-world locations’ knowledge graphs. From text to image to 3D, these scenes are generated through AI models based on her stories on important locations in computer history.

Absolute Reality by Field Skjellerup

Absolute Reality seeks to question the validity of the artificially created digital image by exploring new AI generative tools and exposing aesthetic possibilities never before seen. Standing like monoliths within the confines of the small concrete space, each work operates between the lines of reality and simulation, as well as the digital and physical worlds that we all occupy.

About the Artists

Yuqian Sun (CheeseTalk): A Chinese AI artist and researcher in London

Yuqian Sun (CheeseTalk)

Yuqian Sun (CheeseTalk) is a Chinese AI artist and researcher in London. She's currently a doctoral student at the Royal College of Art and an art consultant at Through conversational agents, she aims to create "alive" narrative experiences that can happen beyond games and in our daily lives. Yuqian explores this topic through chatbots in communities, games, and expanded art projects. Her works have been presented at galleries and conferences including 2022 Lumen Prize (shortlist), SIGGRAPH Asia Art Gallery, Foundation of Digital Games(FDG), ISEA, ACM Multimedia, BBA Gallery Berlin, Shanghai Aiiiii Art Center, and New York’s Times Square.

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Field Skjellerup

Field Skjellerup is an artist, fashion researcher/collector, and artificial intelligence enthusiast currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. Operating as a self-taught creative, Skjellerup combines his love for obscure fashion of the past and newly developed artificial intelligence tools in ways not seen previously. Exploring these new possibilities through his social media account, A.I Clothing Daily, he aims to showcase the capabilities of openly available artificial intelligence creative tools within the fashion arena.

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Field Skjellerup: An artist, fashion researcher/collector
Josephine Miller: Art Director and XR/3D Artist

Josephine Miller

As a Freelance Art Director and XR/3D Artist, Josephine is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity through experimentation with cutting-edge technology.

Recently, she has been utilizing AI to bring her conceptualization and moodboard generation for digital fashion to new heights. She predominantly experiments with Open AI, Midjourney, Runway, EBsynth, and Stable Diffusion in any new workflow.

Josephine states "AI has significantly accelerated my design process by allowing me to quickly and accurately generate multiple iterations. This has massively reduced the time it takes me to arrive at the final design, almost cutting the conceptual phase in half. The result is a more precise and efficient workflow."

Her aim is to inspire others by making an impact to improve the relationship between human and technology though creating purposeful designs.

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Johannes Saam

Johannes Saam is a seasoned Creative Technologist and Futurist with a background in 3D. He honed his skills at several big VFX companies and Bournemouth University, where he earned a Master's in Computer Animation. With almost two decades of experience in Visual Effects for films like Mad Max, Thor, and Prometheus, Johannes has made a name for himself in the industry. At Framestore, he focuses on emerging technology for top clients such as Apple, Google, and Meta. Johannes has been honored with a SciTech award from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, an Emmy Award for the Free Solo 360 project, and a Cannes Titanium Lion for Innovation. He is known as the AI artist 'ATARA', helping to grow and shape the future of content creation.

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Johannes Saam: A seasoned Creative Technologist and Futurist
Fashion Innovation Agency

Fashion Innovation Agency

The Fashion Innovation Agency is celebrating 10 years of  bridging the gap between fashion and technology at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. FIA uses emerging technologies to take fashion beyond the physical realm and into a new era of digital experiences. By demonstrating how these technologies can change the way that fashion brands and retailers create, showcase, and sell their collections, the agency is driving innovation in the industry. With a focus on inspiring imagination and creativity, the Fashion Innovation Agency is on a mission to rewire the fashion industry and build truly digital designer businesses.

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