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Our Body of Work

NVIDIA pioneered accelerated computing to tackle challenges no one else can solve. Our work in AI and digital twins is transforming the world's largest industries and profoundly impacting society.

The iPhone Moment for AI

Accelerated computing and AI have fully arrived. The acceleration of deep learning ignited the Big Bang of AI.
Now, generative AI is a new computing platform, like the PC, internet, and mobile-cloud.

Credit: Runway AI, Adobe, Tabnine, WPP

NVIDIA is the Engine of AI

NVIDIA engineers the most advanced chips, systems, and software for the AI factories of the future. We build new AI services that help companies create their own AI factories.

Reinventing Modern Graphics

NVIDIA RTX™ taps into AI and ray tracing to deliver a whole new level of realism in graphics. This year, we introduced the next breakthrough in AI-powered graphics: DLSS 3.

Connecting Our Physical and Digital Worlds

Omniverse, our platform for industrial digitalization, enables industries grounded in physical processes to become software-defined and connect large, highly skilled teams.

Driving Automotive Growth

Generative AI and digitalization are reshaping the $3 trillion automotive industry, from design and engineering to manufacturing, autonomous driving, and customer experience. NVIDIA is at the epicenter of this industrial transformation.

Credit: WPP, McLaren; Koenigsegg; BMW; Rimac

Supercharging Healthcare

With NVIDIA, healthcare institutions can harness the power of AI and high-performance computing to define the future of medicine.

Accelerated Computing Is Sustainable Computing

Data centers are already about 1-2% of global electricity consumption and growing. This is not sustainable for operating budgets and our planet. Acceleration is the best way to reclaim power and achieve sustainability and net zero.

Like No Place You’ve Ever Worked

“NVIDIA is reshaping the future of computing. We’ve built a culture where people can do their life's work. We are a learning machine. The mission is boss. Everyone has a voice.” — Jensen Huang

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