How NVIDIA and our employees are responding to the COVID-19 crisis


The COVID-19 crisis is challenging us all—and uniting us all—like never before. Whether it’s responding to a pandemic or taking on everyday health concerns, NVIDIA and our employees have a proud history of stepping up with what’s needed. Innovation. Compassion. And a commitment to help, when and where it’s needed most.

People First

As COVID-19 became a health concern, we were very early in deciding to shut all NVIDIA offices worldwide. We asked employees to work from home and to make their loved ones their top priority.

Amid global economic uncertainty, we moved up our yearly performance review by nearly six months to put raises into the hands of our employees sooner.

In a survey, 94 percent of employees said they felt well-supported by NVIDIA during the crisis.

At NVIDIA, employees are encouraged to make their loved ones their top priority.
NVIDIA employees have the tools and technology to work from home, balance work and home life, and remain productive.

Adapting To Work at Home

Working from home created new challenges for our teams, so we ensured that employees had the technology and tools they needed to remain productive.

Our HR team created a site full of resources for conducting meetings and managing virtually.

And for those who were struggling with the stress of balancing work, safety, and the health of their families, we partnered with our benefits providers for webinars on mental health, mindfulness, and resilience.

For employees with children at home, we provided tools on working while taking care of kids or facilitating online learning. We also gave NVIDIANs of all ages access to over 200 resources for education,  virtual field trips, entertainment ideas, and online storytimes.

Powering Human Ingenuity to Counter Covid

NVIDIA is sharing tools with hundreds of researchers and data scientists, and leveraging hundreds of thousands of gamers to accelerate our understanding of the novel coronavirus and help inform a response. To see how fully NVIDIA is contributing its innovation, expertise, and resources, click here.

Understanding the Novel Coronavirus

Understanding the Novel Coronavirus

Based on the well-known Genome Analysis Toolkit, NVIDIA Clara Parabricks uses GPUs to accelerate the analysis of sequence data by as much as 50X. We provided a free 90-day license to Parabricks to 325 researchers to dramatically speed up their work.

Supercharging the fight against Covid

Supercharging the fight against Covid

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory will be an initial recipient of NVIDIA’s new DGX A100 system based on our new A100 architecture. They’ll use the cluster’s AI and computing power to better understand and fight COVID-19.
Read more from Engadget.

Powering the medical community with AI

Powering the medical community with AI

We’re working to supercharge the collaboration of technology, research, and the healthcare industry to develop new computing solutions that accelerate the understanding of the spread, scale, and severity of Covid-19. Read Health IT Analytics on the ways we’re applying technology to the cause.

Supporting our Communities

Despite being physically distanced as a result of office closures related to COVID-19, NVIDIANs around the world came together to help those affected by the pandemic. To date, employees and the company donated $17.3 million to nonprofits to support COVID-19 efforts.

COVID-19 Donations Have Reached 40+ countries.

40+ countries

reached through COVID-19

NVIDIA Employees Have Logged 23,000 Actions to Protect Their Communities and Themselves Against COVID-19.

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completed by employees to protect their communities and themselves during COVID-19

100% of NVIDIA Offices Have Participated in COVID-19 Response Efforts

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participated in COVID-19
response efforts

Shifting to a Virtual World

GPU Technology Conference goes Digital

When we switched our annual conference from a physical event to online, 57,000+ developers and researchers signed up to access hundreds of no-cost sessions.

Free Access to
Virtualization Software

We made our virtual GPU software licenses available at no cost to provide critical security and performance for
remote workers.

Create Like a Pro
From Home

Featured artists and creators share how they’ve maximized their work-from-home studios using their NVIDIA RTX Studio laptops.

Essential Duty

In the U.S., Maryland-based NVIDIAN and Army National Guardsman Jon Stresing was called to active duty as part of the National Guard personnel aiding the coronavirus response.

His battalion’s first mission is distributing food to children in Baltimore who
need meals they would normally receive in school. Read more about Jon Stresing's story in The New York Times (subscription required).

U.S., Maryland-based NVIDIAN and Army National Guardsman Jon Stresing
Open-source ventilator design by Bill Dally

Driven to Innovate

NVIDIA’s chief scientist Bill Dally worked with colleagues at Stanford University to publish an open-source ventilator design. The machine, which costs about $400 to build versus $20,000 for standard models, uses readily available parts that can be 3D-printed. It differs from some other emergency ventilators in that it regulates air pressure, flow, and volume, letting doctors more closely regulate and monitor the oxygen being pumped into the lungs of coronavirus patients. Read more on CNET.