“[The GTX 770] is about 40% faster than the GTX 670 which it is replacing and considerably faster than the last generation GTX 570.

At $399 it offers more performance value than the $450 GTX 680 or the HD 7970 GHz Edition which is also priced about fifty dollars more.

The GTX 770 also looks awesome inside just about any case. In addition, the LED GEFORCE logo is programmable."


“GTX 770 is essentially GTX 680 on steroids.

GTX 770 delivers 102% of the performance of 7970GE at both our high quality 2560x1440 and high quality 1920x1080 settings.

GTX 770 has an extra interesting attribute about it: its idle clockspeed is lower than other Kepler parts. GTX 680 and GTX 780 both idle at 324MHz, but GTX 770 idles at 135MHz.

More importantly however, despite being a more powerful and more power-hungry card than the GTX 680, the GTX 770 is over 5dB quieter, and this is despite the fact that the GTX 680 is already a solid card own its own. Of course this is why it’s all the more a shame that none of NVIDIA’s partners are releasing retail cards with this cooler.”

“[The GTX 770] outperforms AMD Radeon HD 7970 in all tests.

Construction is the one area NVIDIA graphics cards continually shine, and thanks in part to extremely quiet operation paired with more efficient cores that consume less energy and emit less heat, it seems clear that GeForce GTX 770 continues to carry on this tradition.

With Radeon HD 7970 trailing so far behind in performance while sharing the same price point as GeForce GTX 770, gamers have a good reason to play on team green hardware. GeForce GTX 770 delivers performance beyond the competition, and delivers as much value as it does technology perks.”

“NVIDIA’s GTX 770 is quite the showman with some damn good performance. It’s capable of beating out even the previous gen GTX 680, while offering some of the fastest default memory we have seen to date.

The overclocking of the GTX 770 is amazing, almost hitting 1300MHz on the core and 8GHz on the memory, which is no easy task at all, especially with less power draw and such a good memory controller.

However, the hardware does not tell the whole story, as NVIDIA has gone about releasing many new software packages to complement its outstanding hardware. The aptly named GeForce Experience software improves not just the gameplay, but the overall gaming experience.”

“NVIDIA has finally created the perfect competition to the AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition video card with the GTX 770.

Those coming from last generation GeForce GTX 500 series have a more affordable upgrade now, being able to get better than GTX 680 performance at a much lower price.

In every game we tested the MSI GeForce GTX 770 Lightning consistently offered a better gameplay experience compared to the GeForce GTX 680 and Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition.

The $399 price point just got a kick in the pants.”

“Kepler is an inherently efficient architecture and the GTX 770 has a noteworthy performance per watt advantage over the AMD competition.

GeForce cards deliver a more fluid overall gaming experience. The ability to maintain fluid framerates throughout every game gives the GTX 770 an advantage over a HD 7970 GHz Edition.

While the slightly upgraded GK104’s specifications made its position within our charts a foregone conclusion, NVIDIA’s announced $399 price was a something of a shocker.

NVIDIA nestled the GTX 770 into a more reasonable price point, neatly staying ahead of any cutsAMD may perform on their top-end product. It is a brilliant move and one that will end up making the enthusiast-grade GPU segment infinitely more accessible to gamers.”

“NVIDIA continues to prove they are the innovators, while others try to follow, the GeForce GTX 770 just adds proof to that pudding!"

“[The GTX 770] is faster, quieter and cheaper than a GeForce GTX 680 and Radeon HD 7970.

The new GeForce GTX 770 cards performed relatively well in our Crysis 3 tests, besting the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition and GeForce GTX 680 at both resolutions. SLI scaling was also very good here.

In Crysis 3, the Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire setup's frametimes were much more inconsistent.

CrossFire is broken in Batman: Arkham City, hence the consistently lower frame rates across the board.”


“The kick ass fan shroud really sets the GTX 770 apart against the more expensive GTX 680 and HD 7970. Every time I get it in my hands I really feel like I am holding something special.

I love that not long ago the best performance you could get was an HD7970 or a GTX 680 and now the GTX 770 dominates both of them in nearly every benchmark we put it through.

Its price is really eye opening when you consider the performance.”

“The GTX 770, like the GTX 780, will be offered in both Titan styling and aftermarket whizbangery.

It's the highest clocked-part of all of those cards though, and also has 7Gb/s memory instead of the 6Gb/s variety found in all the previous Kepler cards, giving it a significant bump in memory bandwidth.

Looking at the chart, all three of these cards - the GTX 770, GTX 680, and HD 7970 GHz are damn close to one another, but the rub is that the GTX 770 is the least expensive, and the most silent, of all of them.”

“The GPU does overclock quite well under GPU Boost 2.0 and with static clock increases. In our test we got an extra 300Mhz out of the core and were pushing 1900Mhz in memory. this is really impressive for an aircooled GPU.

Speaking of aircooling, the new GPU Boost 2.0 and Adaptive Temperature Controller goes a long way to making this one of the quietest GPUs we have ever heard, or not heard.”

"Overclocking the GTX 770 was painless and results were very good, in my opinion. I definitely did not expect 1267-1293 MHz on the core and a huge 8208-8316 MHz on the VRAM. The additional 0.037 V core voltage over the GTX 680 certainly helped the GTX 770′s core clock run 52-78 MHz higher than I was able to get on the GTX 680 (1215 MHz). The Samsung GDDR5 chips on this card are beastly both at stock and overclocking, they are definitely the fastest VRAM I’ve seen on consumer cards.”

“After running the MSI GTX 770 through the test suite, [we] find that it does indeed deliver a level of performance above that of the GTX 680, and in many cases above that of a well overclocked 6GB HD 7970.

The GTX 770 is the first card equipped with true 7Gbps memory modules. Already clocked this high I was surprised to pull an additional 169MHz out of the modules for a final clock speed of 1921MHz (7684MHz QDR). On a percentage basis again we have a close to 10% boost for nothing more than your time."

“The GTX 770 offers on-par performance for most games in single monitor resolutions and does so with less noise, power and heat. And, if you are planning on going down the road of multiple GPUs in the future then you know that NVIDIA has its frame metering technology in order to produce a quality gaming experience. The same cannot be said today of CrossFire.

I am definitely walking away from the launch of the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 graphics card more impressed than I did with the GeForce GTX 780 just a seven days ago. Even though the GPU that powers the GTX 770 is identical to that of the GTX 680 (with a couple of firmware changes), the clocks are higher and the price is lower - a combination that is hard to beat.”

“[The GTX 770] puts AMD in a tough spot because there is nothing in their product lineup that can come close.

Nvidia now rules the roost for performance with the golden trifecta of the GTX Titan, 780, and 770. AMD may respond with price drops, but that may not be enough to compete against this new Kepler card, as the framerates and innovative features are just too good to pass up.

The performance here is certainly excellent, as the GTX 770 convincingly puts the smackdown on the Radeon 7970.

GeForce GTX 770 is another winner for gamers who want strong performance and innovative features.”

“NVIDIA really set a new standard for reference graphics cards with this design and it will be interesting to see if AMD moves to a metal design as well, or if they will stick with the plastic shrouds they have been refreshing for years.

NVIDIA could have easily sold this card at $450, and we are sure AMD was hoping they did.

GTX 770 is one of the best values in the graphics market, hands down.

The GTX 770 though offers more performance, higher power efficiency and quieter acoustics than the HD 7970. Really, it is a no brainer which card is the better between the two.”

“To call NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 770 a “GTX 680 w/ a new name” would be a major understatement.

I must give kudos to NVIDIA. No – not for releasing the GTX 770, but for releasing a GPU that’s so easy to write a conclusion for. One reason is that it’s familiar (it’s in effect a GTX 680, just beefed-up). Another is the fact that it’s priced right, at $399. I’m in a situation where it’s more difficult to find a downside than an upside – a good one to be in.

To sum up, we’re dealing with a GPU that keeps up to or surpasses AMD’s Radeon HD 7970 GHz, costs $50 less, features GPU Boost 2.0 and other 700 series features, and has one of the sweetest looking GPU coolers going (and glowing, with its green LED GeForce GTX logo).”

“The price is incredible on the GTX 770 and will put NVIDIA at a different level and positioning.

For gaming at 1080p the 2GB version of the ASUS GeForce GTX 770 is an Editors Choice product due to its custom design, components and overall gaming as well as overclocking experience.

One of the biggest benefits however this time with ASUS DirectCU technology is that NVIDIA’s new GPU Boost 2.0 works off the cards temperature hence our ability to have the card run at a base clock of almost 1300MHz without additional voltage.

The ASUS GeForce GTX 770 is a solid gaming solution.”

“GeForce GTX 770 Is The Video Card to Get.

The GTX 770 is certainly the winner in the price-performance battle. It’s also quiet and is relatively power efficient.

With the new GTX 770, NVIDIA has won the price-performance war.

I have no reservations about the GTX 770. It’s a great upgrade from the GTX 570/580 and even offers substantial performance gains over the GTX 670. This card is a win-win all around.”

“GK104 might be an older GPU, but it’s still a potent piece of gaming hardware.

The board design used on GeForce GTX 770, 780 and TITAN is unprecedentedly great. Unmatched by anything we’ve seen from NVIDIA or AMD before, really.

GeForce GTX 770 walked into the bar, turned over a table, and showed the same sort of aggression we saw when it launched GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost under $200. And that’s why we’re bestowing Tom's Hardware's Smart Buy award on Nvidia's GeForce GTX 770.“