”If you are buying an ultimate single-GPU flagship video card right now and looking for the highest mainstream performance in a single GPU, the GTX 780 is the only choice. We feel it deserves ABT’s highest award – the “Kick Ass” award because it is completely unique in design and performance for a mainstream card. However, if you want good bang-for-buck, look elsewhere for performance, to multi-GPU solutions.”

“The 22% performance advantage that the GTX 780 enjoys over the Radeon HD 7970GHz Edition cements NVIDIA’s performance lead...”

“As a tech writer, I also have to applaud NVIDIA for a recommendation they issued to the press in their review guide for the GTX 780: “In many cases, the GeForce GTX 780 is so powerful the CPU can actually become a bottleneck. To avoid this from occurring, we highly recommend you conduct your testing on a 2560×1440/2560×1600 display. We also suggest you use the highest graphics settings and high levels of AA in most games.”

“The 780's launch also comes hand-in-hand with GeForce Experience's emergence from its beta-cocoon. And to celebrate that release, Nvidia is rolling out a new Experience feature called Shadowplay, which perpetually records the last 20 minutes of game-time for playback. Like a dashcam for screen-capture, Shadowplay can capture the last 20 minutes of your play at all times using Kepler's H.264 encoder to minimize any performance decrease and keep the footage nice and small, around 5MB for every 3 minutes or so of 1080p footage."

”When it came to 1080p, the GeForce GTX 780 allows a maximized gameplay experience. In every game we were able to run at higher settings compared to the GeForce GTX 680. We were even able to turn on SSAA in Metro: Last Light and Tomb Raider with the highest in-game settings, which is impressive.“

”But is the GTX 780 really worth nearly 45% more than a HD 7970 GHz Edition? To someone who cares about worry-free display overclocking, multi monitor support, multi card fame delivery, quieter fan speeds and properly implemented stereoscopic software, absolutely. ”

“The GTX 780 may be a slimmed down version of the muscular GTX TITAN but, as the benchmarks show, it nonetheless towers over the giants of the last DirectX 11 generation.”

"The GeForce GTX 780 offers killer performance, it runs super quiet, it’s easily overclockable, and it supports NVIDIA’s latest features, like GPU Boost 2.0 and Display Overclocking. Throw the GeForce Experience utility into the mix and a free copy of Metro: Last Light, which is being bundled with GeForce GTX 780 cards, and there’s even more to like. If you’ve got the funds for a product like the GeForce GTX 780, by all means treat yourself. This is a great graphics card.

"In our opinion, the best news about the GTX 780 is at the resolution we use for testing there was no such thing as an affordable GPU that could handle it. The GTX 680 and the HD 7970 were all stuck around 20fps or so for newer games, though the Titan could handle them much better. With the GTX 780 we have a truly semi-affordable card that can run newer games at these resolutions and AA settings just fine. "

“Based on the venerable TITAN’s GK110 GPU, the GTX 780 is a very solid offering to lead the way into the new GTX 700 series. The performance is just great, absolutely nothing to complain about and plenty to celebrate. The GTX 780 is an absolute beast.”

"While not the cheapest GPU on the block, NVIDIA brings a player to the market that takes the strengths of the GK110 Kepler core DNA and packages them in a more affordable package."

“For users considering not just a single graphics card but SLI and CrossFire, I think that technology turns the tables firmly in NVIDIA's direction. SLI and its ability to frame meter, in a way that creates much smoother animation and frame rates, in comparison to what we currently see with GPU-bound games on CrossFire setups, are the deal closer here. Though AMD and I are currently in the "agree to disagree" stage of discussions, I firmly believe that its current drivers do a disservice to the community of enthusiasts that were told CrossFire was improving real-world gaming performance. ”

“In a nutshell, Nvidia’s new GTX 780 is designed to accelerate technologies that the company has called “WaveWorks” and “FaceWorks,” containing improved techniques for rendering surfaces like oceans and faces, respectively. Nvidia hopes that these next-generation graphics technologies will appear in future games. For that reason, don’t expect Nvidia to bundle any free games with its new GTX 780 cards, Walker said.”

“Is it fast? You bet. Is it fun? Of course. Does it get you hot women? In my limited experience, I can assuredly say that no it does not. But for those lonely nights, there’s gaming, and gaming is better with a top-end graphics card.”

"On the other hand, if you’re a user who buys high-end gear every other generation, and you’re still on a GTX 580, the GTX 780 offers a substantial boost in performance. The GTX 780’s initial price isn’t really much more than the GTX 580 at its initial launch. And considering the number of shader units and that incredibly high speed memory onboard, maybe the price isn’t so bad after all."

“The GeForce GTX 780 is a sexy piece of graphics hardware built on top of an impossibly-complex 7.1 billion-transistor GPU. It’s very fast, very quiet, and includes several other attractive features.”

“So what's the GeForce GTX 780 all about? Simply put, it's a slightly less powerful Titan graphics card for a far more reasonable $650. It's got the same custom-designed attractive aluminum cooler and the same GK110 GPU as the $999 Titan, but only with 2,304 CUDA cores and 3GB of GDDR5 memory, compared to the 2,688 cores and 6GB in the pricier card. ”