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No one builds PC cases like Red Harbinger. Don’t take it from us - have a look for yourself. Even calling them mere cases seems understated, almost disrespectful. They’re more like thrones upon which your components can regard the rest of the world’s rigs with detached pity. But that doesn’t mean that they’re hands-off affairs. No way. Case modding is coded into the DNA of PC gaming itself, so we decided to take Red Harbinger’s latest creation - the massive Cross Desk - and customize it for not one but two quad-GPU rigs complete with custom watercooling, cable-sleeving and remote-controlled lighting.

And we documented the entire process along the way in the GeForce Garage Red Harbinger Cross Desk Series. Because every modding technique we applied to the Cross Desk can be applied to any PC chassis (as long as it’s not made of glass, plastic, or Swarovski crystal). Hosted by our very own Andrew Coonrad, we brought in pros with years of experience to tackle the jobs, and in some cases they’ll be wielding heavy-duty tools that you might not find on the average workbench, but the techniques are essentially the same. Anybody can do them, and the necessary tools are neither exotic nor expensive.

The first video in the Series is, appropriately enough, a primer on case cutting, demonstrated by Lee Harrington of PCjunkieMods. Lee’s got eight years of PC case modding experience under his belt, and in this video he’s going to show you how to use tools such as Dremels, drills, and hole saws to carve out holes in your case for panel windows, fans, or watercooling pipes.

Check out the video below, and in just a handful of minutes you’ll know how to pull off one of the most fundamental PC mods without wrecking your case or removing a finger!

Download the accompanying cheat sheet (PDF) that’ll walk you through the steps shown in the video.

And keep checking back here at GeForce Garage as we update the site with more videos in the Cross Desk Series.

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