ForceWare Multimedia App.
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  • Technical Brief: NVIDIA ForceWare Multimedia Application

    Learn about the personal video recorder (PVR) technology of the ForceWare Multimedia application in the attached technical brief (410KB PDF).

  • ForceWare Multimedia Application FAQ
  • Watch, Control, and Record Live TV

    Forget about programming your VCR or dealing with analog tapes. Watch the shows you want, when you want. Record shows, pause live TV, advance frame–by–frame, or skip past commercials. With the NVIDIA Personal Cinema Personal Video Recorder (PVR) functionality, you never have to miss a moment of your favorite show. TV listings, show descriptions, and data grid are downloaded directly to your PC with the Gemstar GUIDE Plus+™ and G-GUIDE systems EPG, bundled free with the ForceWare Multimedia application. Finding programs is easier than ever before with custom searches that let you search by program title, actor, or genre.

ForceWare Multimedia App.


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