Best in Class, Best in Game

GeForce® laptops are powered by the award-winning NVIDIA Turing GPUs, so they can tackle the most challenging coursework—and the most demanding games. From STEM and data sciences to AI, content creation, design, and gaming, if you’re looking for a computer that works and plays as hard as you do, look for NVIDIA GeForce.


Creative and Digital Arts

Data Science and AI


When assignments and papers are done, enjoy blazing-fast performance and the most realistic graphics. GeForce accelerates your game, so you can play popular games that average computers can’t. Power up to RTX to get even more performance, plus ray tracing and AI Tensor cores to power the latest graphical effects.

Creative and Digital Arts

NVIDIA GPUs power aspiring artists and brilliant creative minds looking to take content creation to the next level. GeForce RTX graphics paired with our exclusive driver technology accelerate rendering, artificial intelligence, and video processing in essential creative apps. Boost your creativity and focus on ideas instead of the progress bar.

STEM Fields

GeForce laptops and desktops accelerate workloads for data science and AI applications, particularly coursework and assignments in STEM and social sciences. GeForce RTX GPUs offer even faster performance, larger memory capacities, and advanced features. And now, GPU support for Microsoft’s WSL 2 makes these capabilities more accessible than ever.


Some truly kick ass performance.

— TweakTown

A gaming/video editing/streaming/3D modelling powerhouse on the go.

— Stuff

Gaming laptops have never been so thin and yet so powerful

— The Verge

Kick ass, take names, and come highly recommended.

— PC World