Tournament Rules

Tournament Format

Stage One

  • The 10 participating teams will be divided into two groups, each consisting of 5 (5) teams.
  • The format for this stage would be Round Robin Best-of-One (BO1).
  • The top 2 teams from each group will be qualifying to the playoffs.
  • Tiebreaker
  • If two (2) or more teams have the same score at the end of the round robin matches, the final ranking will be determined using the following criteria (Ordered by priority);
    • Head-To-Head
    • Round Differences
  • If the final ranking could not be determined using the criteria above, the teams are required to play an extra Best-Of-One (BO1) match to determine the final ranking.

Stage Two (Playoff)

  • The format for this stage would be Single Elimination Best-of-Three (BO3).

General Rules

Participants Eligibility

  • Every participant in this tournament must be 16 years old and above by the date of 1st January 2020. Participants must also be a resident of the countries that are included in the Geforce Cup Pacific Region which are Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, India/ Sri Lanka/ Bangladesh, Myanmar, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, or Australia/ New Zealand.


  • The team and its players shall adhere to the itinerary and tournament schedule planned by the organiser without any complaint. Should there be any complication that causes the team to be unable to follow the schedule, the team leader or the player is responsible to inform the organiser immediately.
  • The organiser reserves all rights to decide whether the schedule can be shifted for the team. There shall not be any compensation if the organiser has deemed that the schedule cannot be shifted or if the player has failed to inform the organiser.
    *Note that the schedule is an estimation and may change throughout the day depending on the situation.


  • Chaperones will be assigned to take care of the teams. Players are required to remain contactable by the chaperones which includes but are not limited to;
    1. Ensuring that their phone’s battery level is sufficient to be contactable.
    2. Ensuring their phone is not silenced.
    3. Participants shall stick to the schedule and avoid leaving the premises without the permission of the chaperone.
    4. Reporting to the chaperones if they had the need to seperate from the main group for a short moment for circumstances such as; going to the toilet, picking up something from the hotel room.