Tournament Rules

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Game Rules

  1. Game Mode: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive default competitive mode, team competition 5v5.
  2. Game Format:
    Qualifier: Single Elimination Best of 1 and Best of 3 for Final.
    Malaysia Final: Double Elimination Best of 1 and Best of 3 for Final.
  3. Map Pool: Latest official competitive map pool by Valve will be used.
  4. Starting Sides: Coin flip for map veto.
  5. Specific Match Configuration:
    1. mp_startmoney 800
    2. mp_roundtime 1.92
    3. mp_freezetime 15
    4. mp_maxrounds 30
    5. mp_c4timer 40
    6. sv_pausable 1 For overtime
    7. mp_maxrounds 6
    8. mp_startmoney 10000
  6. Molotov and Incendiary Grenades are allowed.
  7. Each player is allowed 4 grenades per round, with 2 flashbangs and one of each other type of grenade. It is forbidden for a player to use more than 1 smoke grenade in a round. (except for those that are picked up)
  8. Console Commands:
    1. cl_bobcycle 0.98 (default value only)
    2. weapon_debug_spread_show forbidden (must be set to 0)
    3. net_graph forbidden (must be set to 0)
    4. weapon_recoil_model forbidden
    5. Mat_hdr_level forbidden
    6. All adjustments and settings should follow the principles of fair play. There will be strict punishment if players are judged by the marshalls or commitee to have been behaving unfairly.
  9. Only the following changes are allowed:
    1. Brightness Control
    2. Digital Vibrance Control
    3. Contrast Control
    4. GAMMA Control
    5. 3D Setting (Anti- Aliasing, Vertical Sync)
    6. Game Graphic Scale
    7. Sound Control
    8. Mouse Control
    9. Keyboard Control
    10. Headphone Control
  10. Time-outs: Each team is allowed to call four time-outs in one game, 30 seconds for each time-out, time-out is not allowed in overtime. The captain is allowed to call time-out in game, time-out starts while current round ends and timing starts at the same time. Meanwhile, there are 3-minute rest after changeovers or before first round of overtime. There are 2-minute rest for half-time break in overtime.
  11. Prohibitions:
    1. No scripts are allowed (Including JumpThrow scripts) except for scripts for purchasing weapons/equipment.
    2. Any use of bugs judge to be against fair play.
    3. Silent C4.
    4. Irremovable C4, C4 that needed to remove by multi-players is not included.
    5. No clip command is prohibited. Crossing the wall or floor, walking in the roof and walking in the sky are prohibited.
    6. Boosting is allowed. However, boosting by means of transparent map textures (walls, ceilings or floors) or pixelwalking are prohibited.
    7. Accelerating or ascending by shooting teammates are prohibited.
    8. Any character/weapon skins except official CS:GO skins are prohibited.
    9. Note: For violations mentioned above, 3 additional points to opponent for first time violation. i.e. the score between team A and B is 16:14, team B will be the winner if team A violates the rules mentioned above. If the score between team and B is at 16:13, team A and B will have an overtime if team A violates the rules mentioned above. If the score between team and B is at 16:12, team A will still be the winner if team A violates the rules mentioned above. However, two violations in one game will directly lose the game.

General Rules and Regulations

  1. Each player is subjected to only ONE unique in-game ID according to their personal preference, and it CANNOT BE CHANGED until the end of the event. No impersonations are allowed. If a participant’s identity cannot be confirmed, the organizer has the right to cancel their qualification.
  2. The in-game ID may not use special symbols, references to religion, drugs, racial discrimination or vulgar language.
  3. All players required to register with their own Identification Card (IC) / passport, without it players are not eligible to participate in this tournament.
  4. Each team (or individual) participating in the tournament must provide current, detailed and accurate information of the team and all team members (or individual information) as required by the organizing committee before the competition.
  5. For LAN tournament, participants must bring valid documents (in accordance with the information provided during registration) during the pre-competition check-in to confirm their identity on-site.
  6. If the requirements set out in 4 and 5 are not met, the team (or individual) will not be allowed to continue in the competition.
  7. Teams (or individuals) are obliged to actively cooperate with the organizing committee for interviews, reports, video shoots, offline interaction and other related activities.
  8. In exactly a week prior to the game, the organiser will send a notice to the teams (or individuals) who will be taking part. Upon receipt of the notification, the team (or individual) must respond promptly, and are expected to arrange their schedule to ensure that they can participate in the competition on time.
  9. Once the schedule is confirmed, no advance and extension requests will be accepted before the match (except for specific cases*). If the participant is unable to participate in the competition on time, they must inform the organisers within 24 hours of receiving the notification. If the participant doesn’t comply, the committee will then consider it a forfeiture.
    a. Participating in a national team competition
    b. Playing as part of a national team
  10. All players are required to join the appointed discord channels given. Players are also required to change their name in discord to (TeamName.IGN) so that it is easier for opponents and organizer to identify you.
  11. If the team (or individual) does not inform the organisers that they are unable to participate in the competition on time, and are absent from the day’s competition, they may be considered as a forfeiture of the season, and the participating team (or individual) will be banned from participating the future event organise by same organisers.
  12. For detailed regulations related to the time management on the day of competition, please refer to the “Management Regulations – Team Project Management Regulations” and “Management Regulations – Individual Project Management Regulations”.
  13. During the offline tournament, the participating teams (or individuals) may bring their own peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, earphones, etc., but should also carry all drivers and software required, and install it under supervision of the referee before the competition; the organizing committee does not promise to assist players to install and debug their own equipment.
  14. The use and security of the game peripherals is the individual responsibility of the participants. For whatever reason, when the self-contained peripherals are not available, the athletes must use the peripherals provided by the organisers.
  15. Organisers are not responsible for any in-game malfunction due to the use of personal peripherals.
  16. The participating teams (or individuals) are not allowed to use their own communication-type electronic devices (mobile phones, pagers, radios, etc.) in the competition area. The use of non-communication electronic devices must be confirmed by the referee, otherwise they will be warned or ejected from the game.
  17. After the start of the game, the player who voluntarily withdraw from the game without notifying the referee and without the consent of the referee, and will be judged as having abstained from the game and subsequently be forfeited from the tournament.
  18. After the game has started, if a player needs to pause, they must send the relevant request in the in-game chat channel. The on-duty referee shall initiate the pause and shall not suspend the competition privately.
  19. If a player is unable to compete due to personal reason which may hinder the progress of the competition, the player himself/herself must decide whether to forfeit or continue as the organizing committee will not be responsible for any personal conflicts.
  20. The computers used by the players is only allowed to run games and communication software that has been approved by the organizers. If any other software is necessary, it must first be approved by the referee. Usage of any third party software without prior permission (including any form of plug-ins such as MapHacks, etc.) or any modification to the client’s behaviour will be judged as an act of cheating.
  21. In the event of the occurrence of bugs/glitches that favourably affects the outcome of the game, if the players are judged to have triggered it unintentionally there will be a remake of the game. If it is determined that it was deliberate, the players will be penalised for cheating.
  22. Throughout the tournament, players must practice good etiquette and civil attitude, and not insult their opponents (in both verbal and text communications). The first offence carries a warning, with the offending player required to apologize. The second offence carries a disqualification penalty.
  23. During the offline tournament, players should abide by the rules set by the venue. They should refrain from making loud noises and disrupting the proceedings of the tournament for the other players. A first warning will be given if any disruption occurs, and subsequently, a second warning will result in disqualification.
  24. During the offline tournament, spectators are not allowed to interfere with the competing players in any way. Should they persist after being given a warning, the referee has the right to expel the offending party from the premises.
  25. During the offline tournament, if any unexpected situation occurs such as equipment failure, or disruptions caused by the hardware provided by the organizers resulting the game not proceeding normally, the players need to immediately inform the referee to suspend the game, and the game will proceed after all issues are resolved based upon the referee’s judgement.
  26. Please refer to the game-specific rules for details of the procedures for disconnections and win/loss judgements of the game.
  27. When the game has concluded, both winners and losers must leave the competition platform after the referee has confirmed and recorded the competition results.
  28. The organisers reserves the right to make changes to the above rules with prior notice and reserves the right of final interpretation of the above rules.