GeForce Garage: Scratch Build Series, Video 2 - How To Cut and Bend Sheet Metal

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In the first video of our GeForce Garage Scratch Build series, we used SketchUp to design a 3D model of our custom chassis. Now we're going to use that model as a blueprint to create the actual chassis from scratch.

In this video, David "InsolentGnome" Cathey, the man behind the award-winning and sinister Gigantea mod, will walk us through the basics of measuring out, cutting, and bending metal to create a custom chassis.

Keep in mind that in this video, and throughout our entire Scratch Build series, you'll learn the essentials of certain modding techniques but your own custom builds may require different tools and materials. And that's pretty much the essence of modding: adapt techniques to create one-of-a-kind rigs built to your own specs rather than just following these instructions step-by-step.

As always, but with this subject in particular, we strongly recommend watching the whole video before carving up and bending any metal at home, and to wear proper safety gear at all times. You'll find this gear as well as a step-by-step walkthrough of David's tutorial in our accompanying downloadable guide (PDF).

Keep checking back here at GeForce Garage as we update the site with more Scratch Build videos, including tutorials on metal finishing, GPU modding, hydro dipping for incredible chassis and component finishes, and more!

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