God of War Adds NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex - Out Now!
Experience the epically action-packed God of War with enhanced graphics, performance-accelerating NVIDIA DLSS and low latency NVIDIA Reflex.
God of War NVIDIA DLSS & Reflex Game Ready Driver Released - Download and Install For The Definitive Experience
Our latest driver includes day-0 optimizations for the newest releases, including God of War, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, Hitman III, The Anacrusis, GRIT and Monster Hunter Rise. And get a DSR AI upgrade with DLDSR, plus support for 8 new G-SYNC Compatible gaming monitors and new Freestyle filters.
NVIDIA Reflex brings low latency to 7 new games and a new category of 1440p NVIDIA G-SYNC esports displays.
iRacing, God of War, Super People, Rainbow Six Extraction, Ready or Not, Midnight Ghost Hunt and GRIT are all adding NVIDIA Reflex, making gameplay more responsive. Plus 6 more mice and 5 G-SYNC monitors are launching with Reflex Analyzer.