Use AI to turn simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images. Create backgrounds quickly, or speed up your concept exploration so you can spend more time visualizing ideas.

Download Beta
Download Beta
Please go to a desktop browser to download Canvas.

See NVIDIA Canvas In Action

See how AI can help you paint landscapes with the incredible performance of NVIDIA GeForce® and NVIDIA RTX GPUs.


AI Assistant

Harness the Power of AI

Paint simple shapes and lines with a palette of real-world materials, like grass or clouds. Then watch in real time as our revolutionary AI model fills the screen with show-stopping results. Don’t like what you see? Swap a material, changing snow to grass, and watch as the entire image changes from a winter wonderland to a tropical paradise. The creative possibilities are endless.

Flexible Styles

Pick Your Palette

NVIDIA Canvas lets you customize your image so that it’s exactly what you need. Modify the look and feel of your painting with nine styles in Standard Mode, eight styles in Panorama Mode, and different materials ranging from sky and mountains to river and stone. Plus, you can paint on different layers to keep elements separate. You can start from scratch or get inspired by one of the included sample scenes.


Panoramic Landscapes

360° of Inspiration

Now with support for 360° panoramas, artists can use Canvas to quickly create wraparound environments and export them into any 3D app as equirectangular environment maps. Artists can use these maps to change the ambient lighting of a 3D scene and provide reflections for added realism.

Export to PSD or EXR

Workflow Ready

Once you’ve created your ideal image, Canvas lets you import your work into Adobe Photoshop so you can continue to refine it or combine your creation with other artwork. And with Panorama, images can be imported to 3D applications such as NVIDIA Omniverse™ USD Composer (formerly Create), Blender, and more.


Download NVIDIA Canvas

Getting started with NVIDIA Canvas couldn’t be easier. Simply download, install, and start creating right away.

Download Beta
Download Beta
Please go to a desktop browser to download Canvas.
Platform Windows
Version 1.4
System Requirements
RAM 4 GB for Standard, 6 GB for Panorama
OS Windows 10
Driver 522.06 or later