虚拟现实 (VR) 采用可实现规模化运作的技术,正在推动专业工作流程的变革。手中持握虚拟模型、穿行于整个虚拟建筑、模拟虚拟环境下整个外科手术过程,这些虚拟技术正在彻底改变 VR 工作空间的运作方式。

NVIDIA 的 VR 平台包括 NVIDIA Quadro™ Ready GPU软件VRWorks™ SDK,可提供极为出色的虚拟现实体验。


Quadro VR 客户成功案例

New Reality 公司借助由 NVIDIA Quadro P6000 助力的 VR,打造栩栩如生的亚马逊森林。

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LHB 借助由 NVIDIA Quadro GPU 助力的 VR,为 Superior 大街重建项目生成逼真预览。

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Bentley Motors 借助由 NVIDIA PhysX 和 Quadro GPU 助力的 VR,培训装配线的员工。

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IMMERSIVE 借助由 NVIDIA Quadro M6000 助力的软件,为用户提供沉浸式体验。

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借助由 NVIDIA Quadro P6000 助力的 VR,IKEA 客户可以体验到其理想的厨房。


McCarthy 建筑公司在设计评审期间通过使用 NVIDIA Quadro,为客户提供高保真的虚拟现实体验。

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Quadro VR 资源



VR、AR、MR 和互动攻略
 AEC 行业借助 NVIDIA Quadro VR 构建新世界

Quadro VR 的赞誉

Our Z Workstation customers will benefit from the enhanced capabilities of the Quadro P6000 and P5000, including professional VR capabilities and enough power to drive up to four, 5K displays.

—Josh Peterson, VP of Product Management, Workstations, HP Inc.

Nvidia is changing the landscape of professional 3D graphics with a new family of Pascal Quadro GPUs, including a single slot 'VR Ready' graphics card.


Wow…M5500 is seriously impressive for such a compact package with the freedom to design VR experiences on the go.


Quadro provides the platform necessary to drive VR at high frame rates.

—McCarthy Building Companies

The P4000 delivers a terrific VR experience and because its cost-effective more architects, designers and contractors will be able to tap into the power of VR on their desktops to give their clients the best experience and the best communicated finished product possible.

—Drew Rebman,lead VDC engineer, Hensel Phelps Construction Company