Gaming in the Car

Combining our heritage in gaming and infotainment, NVIDIA is reimagining the in-vehicle experience with GeForce NOW.


GeForce Cloud Gaming on the Road

NVIDIA GeForce NOW brings powerful PC gaming to any device, anywhere, from laptops to mobile phones—and now when on the road. By leveraging GeForce NOW’s supercomputers in the cloud, gamers can connect internet-enabled cars to the world's biggest digital game stores and stream their favorite PC titles wherever they go.

The Game Goes On

While waiting

While charging

While traveling

Automotive Gaming Partners

We’re working with leading automakers to enable in-vehicle cloud gaming, with many more on the way:

Ready to Play

Play over 1,000 games with millions of other PC gamers online.


GeForce NOW is available from NVIDIA in North America and Europe, and through GeForce NOW Alliance partners in other parts of the world.

NVIDIA automotive solutions are available to automakers, tier 1 suppliers, startups, and research institutions shaping the future of transportation.