Chen-Hsuan Lin


Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Carnegie Mellon University

Student Page:

Research:  Chen-Hsuan's research focuses on exploiting geometric knowledge to improve learning efficiency of deep networks. His works include efficient spatial image alignment for resolving geometric redundancy within visual data, designing efficient 3D reconstruction methods, and more recently unsupervised 3D representation learning from images and videos. His research goal is to enable explicit factorization and reconstruction of the 3D world from visual data to allow better efficiency and efficacy in visual recognition tasks.

Chen-Hsuan is a second-year PhD student in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, working with Prof. Simon Lucey. His research interests are computer vision and machine learning, more particularly 3D vision problems. He received his M.S. in Robotics at CMU and B.S. in Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University.