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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for being part of our media and entertainment community. We have some really outstanding customer, partner and NVIDIA engineer-led talks in our booth at SIGGRAPH starting August 7th, and this year in partnership with CG Society we're going to be streaming video in real-time and offering you the opportunity to ask questions via the web and interact with these world-class presenters from the likes of ILM, Pixar, Adobe, Chaos and many others on a range of subjects.

The theater in our booth, once again sponsored this year by HP and their Z-Series workstations, is one of the biggest draws of the show and we're very pleased through our partnership with CG Society to be able to enable those of you who can't attend SIGGRAPH to get the benefit of some of the best minds in visual effects, animation, video production and all aspects of computer graphics.

Check out the schedule of talks and make a point to save the date and time of any presentations that interest you in your calendar. The link to view the content is www.nvidia.com/siggraph2012

We'll be publishing more information about what's in our booth and some special surprises soon.

In the meantime, thanks for your interest in NVIDIA and please send any comments, feedback or questions to mediahelp@nvidia.com and we'll answer you promptly.

Greg EstesGreg Estes
NVIDIA’s Industry Executive, Media and Entertainment
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