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At the heart of Adobe Premiere® Pro CS6 is the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine. This technology leverages NVIDIA® Quadro® and Tesla® GPUs and the NVIDIA CUDA® parallel-computing architecture to deliver up to 8x faster performance for key features like Three-Way Color Corrector, Warp Stabilizer, Uninterrupted Playback, and multi-cam support. Plus, it enables fluid playback of today's most challenging video and D-Cinema formats, including DSLR, RED 4, 5K native footage, and now supports Quadro SDI Output cards for SDI graphics-to-video monitoring with an Adobe Mercury Transmit Plugin.

Check out the new NVIDIA GPU-accelerated features in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Warp Stabilizer
Now integrated directly into Adobe Premiere Pro, the Warp Stabilizer allows you to fix shaky footage while Rolling Shutter Repair helps eliminate rolling shutter artifacts. NVIDIA GPUs deliver real-time previews and fast exports of this footage.
Play Video See the Warp Stabilizer in action.

Three-Way Color Corrector
NVIDIA GPUs provide unmatched responsiveness and a simplified workflow for the newly revamped Three-Way Color Corrector effect.

Uninterrupted Playback
The new GPU-accelerated Uninterrupted Playback features cutting-edge effects adjustments on the fly while your footage continues to play smoothly, thanks to NVIDIA CUDA technology.
Play Video See Uninterrupted Playback in action.

Multi-Cam Support
Expanded multi-cam support lets you work with as many cameras as you have on your shoot and maintain fast editing performance with NVIDIA GPUs.
Play Video See Multi-Cam Support in action.

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NVIDIA Maximus technology

NVIDIA Maximus technologyNew NVIDIA® Maximus™-powered workstations deliver the fastest effects and most fluid Adobe Premiere Pro workflows possible. These innovative workstations allow Premier Pro to harness not only the graphics capability of Quadro GPUs, but also the tremendous parallel processing power of Tesla™ GPUs.
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