Workstations for Enterprise Pros

Create Your Artistic Vision

Whether it's design, animation, video editing, or VFX – as an artist you are defined by your creativity and an unapologetic obsession for your craft. NVIDIA RTX Studio desktop and mobile workstations are engineered to let you focus on your ideas, not your system. Packing the ultimate in performance, massive memory, and exclusive professional features, you have everything you need to deliver your finest work yet.

Workstation Benefits

The Difference is in the Details

When it comes to mission-critical work, performance is nothing without reliability. NVIDIA RTX workstations excel in both areas thanks to their meticulous design and innovation at every level. Expect supercharged performance from pro-grade graphics cards, CPUs, and ECC RAM while software application certifications, system optimizers, and enterprise-grade support provide you the confidence to work unhindered.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

  • NVIDIA RTX or Quadro RTX GPUs
  • Xeon Processors
  • Storage capacity up to 24TB
  • System RAM up to 3TB
  • System optimizer tools designed for your creative applications and workflows

Product Reliability

  • Certification with leading professional apps
  • System-level testing (Thermal, Acoustic, Shock, Vibration, and more)


  • Enterprise-level support
  • Advanced IT system management and security tools
  • Extended product availability
  • Simplified configuration
  • Workgroup and Enterprise-wide deployment


  • From thin & light laptops to space-saving small form factors to extreme desktops aka "personal supercomputers"


The NVIDIA RTX Professional Advantage

RTX Studio workstations feature NVIDIA RTX professional graphics cards for the best graphics and compute performance. Thanks to up to 16GB of memory in mobile systems and up to 96GB of ECC memory using NVLink in a desktop, even the most complex projects are handled with ease. Plus, with RT Cores and Tensor Cores for real-time ray tracing and AI-acceleration, you can render photorealistic images, edit 8K video, color grade, or produce your next live broadcast spectacularly fast.


Work Across Multiple Apps, Worry-free

Working across multiple apps like Substance Painter, Autodesk Maya, and Adobe Photoshop simultaneously is an essential part of many creative workflows, which is why massive memory capacity matters. NVIDIA RTX delivers enough ultra-fast graphics memory and power letting you load huge project files, run all your creative apps at the same time, and still enjoy a smooth interactive design experience. No more worrying about performance and system stability, even the largest projects and the tightest deadlines are delivered effortlessly and stress-free.

Do What You Do Faster, Better, Smarter

  • Video
  • 3D & Rendering
  • Architectural
  • Photography &
    Graphic Design


Massive Memory

Never run out of graphics memory again. With up to 96GB of memory using NVLink technology from the desktop, or 16GB from a laptop,  edit and grade up to 8K high-resolution video in real-time with more layers, transitions, and effects.

AI & Machine Learning

Do more with video using AI or Machine Learning like AI up-res, auto-color matching, auto-reframing, Z-depth map extraction from faces, and much more.

Customizable Workspace

Manage and customize your workspace for specific tasks like video editing and color grading with nView Desktop Management Software.

GPUDirect for Video

Accelerate your workflow by avoiding unnecessary system memory copies and CPU overhead. Copy data straight to graphics card memory with GPUDirect for Video.

Laptop performance
video editing and motion graphics

DaVinci Resolve

Redcine-X Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

3D & Rendering


Render large scene files with ease in the application viewport with RTX-accelerated rendering and AI-denoising. Enhance performance and image quality with DLSS in select applications.

Scalable Memory

Build entire worlds in 3D with high-resolution textures and geometry with massive graphics memory capacities.. Deliver complex renders free of errors with ECC memory and large GPU framebuffers - up to 96GB from a desktop or server with NVLink technology or up to 16GB from a laptop.

Multi-Display Technology

Capture imaginations with large scale visualizations. Create a single, unified projected image with up to 32 high-resolution video panels using NVIDIA Mosaic multi-display technology with bezel correction.  Overlap, blend, and adjust an image across up to 16 curved displays or surfaces for a pixel-perfect result with NVIDIA’s Warp and Blend SDK.

Quadro Sync

For when you need to go big, NVIDIA Quadro Sync lets you synchronize multiple Quadro or NVIDIA RTX desktop GPUs with displays or projects to create large-scale visualizations.

GPUDirect for Video

GPUDirect for Video accelerates your workflow by avoiding unnecessary system memory copies and CPU overhead. Your data goes straight to graphics card memory with GPUDirect for Video.

Flexible by Design

Create a personal render farm with a high-density multi-GPU workstation. NVIDIA RTX GPUs feature a unique blower design that gives you maximum flexibility for the entire system design. and are datacenter-tested and certified, giving you the reassurance and reliability for rack-mounted workstation and server solutions.

Laptop Performance
3D & Rendering

Blender Cycles

Chaos V-Ray

Autodesk Arnold

Architectural Visualization

RTX-Accelerated Rendering

Create compelling photorealistic renderings faster with lifelike reflections, shadows, and lighting with ray-tracing acceleration.

AI and Deep Learning

Harness the power of artificial intelligence with features like DLSS and AI-accelerated denoising to remain in the creative flow while quickly exploring different design options.

Immersive VR

Walk through large 3D models at lifelike scale in virtual reality to view designs from all angles and viewpoints.

Massive City-scale Visualization

Hitting memory limits has become a thing of the past with up to 96GB of GPU memory using NVLink technology in multi-GPU desktop workstations, or up to 16GB of GPU memory from a laptop.

Laptop Performance
Architectural Visualization

Chaos V-Ray

Photography & Graphic Design

Advanced Multi-App Workflows

Have the creative freedom to use multiple applications simultaneously, with large GPU memory that enables simultaneous usage between graphic design, photography and 3D applications like Adobe Photoshop, Substance Painter, Lightroom and Dimension.

AI & Machine Learning

Use the power of AI to enhance image quality, add effects, edit faster, and even create 3D assets from 2D images.

3D Photogrammetry

Create realistic, ray-traced 3D assets from high-quality photos, bringing real-world materials and objects into the virtual world.

Laptop Performance
Graphic Design & Photography

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

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In the broadcast game, time is money. NVIDIA RTX graphics cards bring you the best in AI, on-air graphics, virtual sets and video editing, plus unrestricted video encoding sessions to ensure smooth operation when it matters most.

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