Workstation Graphics Processors


The Power to Realize Your Vision
NVIDIA professional graphics deliver unprecedented performance and innovative capabilities to boost your success. Whether you're creating revolutionary products, designing groundbreaking architecture, reviewing the fine details in a CT/MRI scan, or telling spectacularly vivid visual stories, NVIDIA professional solutions let you do it better and faster.

Quadro for Desktop Workstations

Ultra High-End High-End Mid-range Entry
Quadro K6000 (New!) Quadro K5000 Quadro K2000
Quadro K2000D
Quadro K600
Quadro 600
  Quadro K5000 for Mac

Quadro K4000
Quadro 2000   
Quadro Plex 7000 Quadro 5000 Quadro 2000D Quadro 410
  Quadro 4000    
  Quadro 4000 for Mac    

Quadro for Mobile Workstations

Ultra High-End High-End Mid-range Entry
Quadro K5100M (New!) Quadro K4100M (New!) Quadro K2100M (New!) Quadro K610M (New!)
Quadro K5000M Quadro K3100M (New!) Quadro K1100M (New!) Quadro K510M (New!)
Quadro 5010M Quadro K4000M Quadro K2000M Quadro K500M
  Quadro 4000M Quadro 2000M  
  Quadro K3000M Quadro K1000M  
  Quadro 3000M Quadro 1000M  

Quadro for All-In-One Workstations

High-End Mid-range Entry  
Quadro 4000M Quadro 1000M Quadro 500M  
Quadro 3000M      

Tesla for Desktop Workstations

Tesla K20 Tesla C2075

NVS for DeskTop Workstations

NVS 510 NVS 450 NVS 420 NVS 315
NVS 310 NVS 300 NVS 295