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Game Awards Festival-Demos.
Auf Jedem Beliebigen Gerät Wiedergeben. Sofort Wiedergeben.

Steam Demos Now Streaming on GeForce NOW

Celebrate the Game Awards Festival on Steam with free, never-before-played demos of some of the most anticipated games. With GeForce NOW, you have the power to play across all your devices, instantly, without any downloads. Demos are only available for a limited time, so join today and start playing before it’s too late.

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Aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage sind unsere monatlichen Mitgliedschaften derzeit ausverkauft. Möchtest du über zukünftige Mitgliedschaftsaktualisierungen benachrichtigt werden? Beginne mit der Erstellung eines NVIDIA-Kontos hier.

Legendary GeForce Performance, Streamed From the Cloud

Instantly play the most demanding PC games, fully optimized and instantly available, even on your Mac, mobile device, potato PC, or Chromebook.

Take Your Experience to the Next Level

Upgrade to a Founders Membership to enjoy RTX ON for supported games, limit waiting with priority access to gaming servers, and extended session lengths for maximum gaming.

  • RTX ON
  • Priority Access
  • Extended Session Length

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