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Rendering your Reality

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NVIDIA Iray for Cinema 4D


NVIDIA® Iray® for Cinema 4D is a plug-in for MAXON's Cinema 4D that delivers exceptional physically based rendering. The entire look-development process becomes extremely interactive and intuitive using the novel live rendering feature, which provides immediate visual feedback while lighting and designing the scene. You can continue to use the physically plausible material options of the Cinema 4D material nodes and shaders, and even add your own material designs and procedural functions using NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL). The full NVIDIA vMaterials library is supported, as well as material exchange capabilities with other MDL-compatible applications.



Get a tour of the new Cinema 4D plug-in to see how easy it is to create or modify physically based lights and materials to craft stunning visualizations.



  • A new lens for quick VR snapshot creation using the NVIDIA Iray spherical camera
  • Physically based path-tracing rendering both for interactive and final frame
  • Freedom to use all supported GPUs and CPUs in the machine, controlled by the user
  • A unique Live Render window that provides accurate preview of final results while adjusting scenes
  • Optional Iray Interactive ray tracing mode in the Live Render window that provides instant feedback on object transforms and lighting edits
  • Sampling options for accurate caustics and complex lighting situations
  • Accurate motion blur out-of-the-box
  • Simultaneous output of additional render passes with low speed impact
  • Custom Light Path Expressions for extreme flexibility in post
  • Physical camera model with lens effects like Depth of Field
  • Final color processing and tuning through advanced Tone Mapping
  • Matte shadow and reflection support for compositing flexibility
  • Ability to degrain post-processing filter to remove noise in final frames
  • Live Render that shows updates while editing light parameters and position
  • Image-based lighting using HDR images, for fast and flexible environments
  • Real-world units of lighting attributes for accurate simulation
  • Correct lighting from emissive materials and geometry
  • Physical Sun and Sky system, controllable by geo location and time
  • Efficient handling of many light sources without a performance hit
  • Interactive updates in Live Render upon adjusting scene materials
  • Physically based materials using the NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL)
  • Real-world material compositions using an intuitive layering approach
  • Up to 16 layers per MDL material, allowing complex constructions
  • Extensive material effects, including subsurface scattering, thin film, gem, etc.
  • Ability to create and adjust within the Cinema 4D material editors
  • Support for MDL import and export for sharing material creations between different Iray applications or MDL-compliant renderers
  • Support for Cinema 4D native materials automatically as much as possible
  • Support for native Cinema 4D procedurals through auto-baking to texture maps
  • Support for custom MDL procedurals running fully GPU accelerated
  • Load and render material measurements from supported devices
  • Extensive verified material library to represent real-world results
  • Continuous visual feedback in Live Render window after scene adjustments
  • Effortless switching between render modes and settings
  • Interactive tone mapping towards desired exposure and white balance
  • Full animation support of all material and light parameters
  • Python scripting support
  • Iray Server support for efficient, scalable offline rendering and streaming
  • Quadro VCA support for remote interactive rendering with linear scalability