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Quadro SDI Capture

NVIDIA® Quadro® SDI Capture card enables uncompressed video to be streamed directly to Quadro SDI-enabled GPU memory.

The Quadro SDI Capture card delivers the industry’s first fully integrated GPU-based solution for capture of SD-, HD-, 3G-SDI video footage, in real time, directly to the GPU memory.

Enabling professionals to capture up to 4 HD-SDI single links sources simultaneously and supports all SMPTE standard formats. Quadro SDI Capture is the ideal solution for video, film, broadcast, and new media markets.

Quadro SDI
Industry’s first fully integrated, GPU-based SDI Solution
The Quadro Digital Video Pipeline (DVP) delivers the industry’s first fully integrated GPU-based solution for acquisition, processing and delivery of high resolution video. The Quadro Digital Video Pipeline provides advanced capabilities for graphics-rich production and delivery of video for broadcast, post production, film and new media.

Flexible architecture enables SDI support with Quadro SDI-enabled GPUs
Take your inspiration even further with Quadro SDI-enabled solutions, with up to 6 GB of graphics memory and dual or single slot form factors. Featuring NVIDIA® SLI® technology and the NVIDIA® CUDA™ parallel computing architecture, Quadro solutions delivers a power efficient, full featured, ultimate performance experience.

Compatible Quadro solutions:
Quadro K6000
Quadro K5000
Quadro K4000
Quadro 6000
Quadro 5000
Quadro 4000

Full-featured software development kit (SDK) for optimization of both the graphics and SDI Capture solution
The NVIDIA SDI SDK provides ease of programmability and control of the entire SDI pipeline – capturing, processing, and final delivery.

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