Experience SOLIDWORKS Without Limits

Get incredible performance in every design mode

SOLIDWORKS design professionals everywhere rely on the world's most trusted graphics cards to ensure they can do their best work.

"[With] the new NVIDIA Quadro Kepler architecture and SOLIDWORKS 2014 we can now simulate our projects much faster, and with a higher quality than ever before."

Jonathan Wells, Mechanical Engineer
Sage Cheshire Aerospace

Experience better results in all your SOLIDWORKS projects, a whole lot faster, with NVIDIA professional graphics solutions.

NVIDIA GRID™ and Quadro professional solutions take advantage of the powerful, power-efficient NVIDIA Kepler™ architecture to provide exceptional performance in all SOLIDWORKS applications. You now have an easier, faster way to mimic the real-life manipulation of how you use your models on a daily basis. This means smoother, more realistic performance in every design mode.

Changes have been made in SOLIDWORKS 2014 to better leverage the GPU for large assemblies. As you can see below, you can get an average of 2x faster performance with assemblies larger than 500 components compared to SOLIDWORKS 2013.

SOLIDWORKS Performance Chart

RealView graphics for more realistic modeling

SOLIDWORKS RealView turned off

Standard 3D mode (RealView, FSAA turned off)
Image is void of real-world reflections and textures and jagged edges ("jaggies") are visible.

SOLIDWORKS RealView turned on

Enhanced 3D mode (RealView, FSAA turned on)
A more realistic and detailed model. Shadows, reflection, and textures appear as they would in real life, with much smoother edges.


Precise edges and shading performance for
more accurate images

With NVIDIA graphics cards, you can turn on all the advanced modes—including Shaded with Edges and Shadows—with no loss in performance.


Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) for fast, clean line art

NVIDIA Quadro® professional graphics under the hood means you'll get the highest-quality, most realistic images.


With Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) turned off, it's difficult to see details of your model.


Enabling FSAA removes jagged edges ("jaggies") from contours of geometries for smoother, more realistic models.


Order Independent Transparency (OIT)
faster performance

Before, applying transparency to components or faces in an assembly could cut SOLIDWORKS display performance in half when using RealView. Now, with improvements in SOLIDWORKS 2014 to leverage the GPU during OIT, transparency performance no longer slows you down. In fact, it performs up to 2x faster in SOLIDWORKS 2014 compared to 2013 when using RealView.


Count on industry-leading
NVIDIA performance and reliability


NVIDIA has a history of the industry's best performance on leading Design and Manufacturing applications. This includes:

  • Driver quality and stability – by working closely with the leading software companies, NVIDIA develops mission-critical drivers certified on 100+ applications.
  • Preferred, trusted brand – the majority of today's design work is done on Quadro professional graphics.
  • Compute leadership - Leading solutions for GPU Rendering and Simulation rely on NVIDIA CUDA® parallel computing technology.
  • Workspace and IT management – NVIDIA tools designed for professional display management and infrastructure include Mosaic, nView®, and NVIDIA Enterprise Management Toolkit (NVWMI).
Solution Overviews

SOLIDWORKS RealView turned off

SOLIDWORKS RealView turned on