Real-time Ray Tracing with RTX On Contest

August 24 - September 27, 2020

Artists are using NVIDIA RTX to push creative boundaries and make stunning photorealistic graphics with real-time ray tracing. Now you can be part of the NVIDIA community by showing what you can create too. Enter the contest by submitting the form below and sharing your work on social media.

The selected winner will receive a high-end professional Quadro RTX graphics card and a complimentary pass to experience all the sessions related to our latest graphics news happening at NVIDIA GTC on October 5-9.

The contest is now closed.

Share Your Work to Be Considered

Share your work on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn with #RTXOn and #GTC20. Give us a closer look at your work and we may share it on our channels too!

Submission Requirements and Selection Criteria

Acceptable File Types

You can submit static or video assets for the contest. There are many RTX-enabled applications to work with, including Autodesk VRED, Chaos Lavina, Enscape, SOLIDWORKS Visualize, Twinmotion, Unreal Engine 4 / Unreal Engine 5, and more. See the examples below.


Submission Requirements For RTX ON Contest



Submission Requirements

Submissions must the have following to qualify:

  • Use of ray-tracing technology: Content creators must integrate one or more of the below technologies into their assets:
    • Real-time ray-traced ambient occlusion
    • Real-time ray-traced global illumination
    • Real-time ray-traced reflections
    • Real-time ray-traced shadows
    • RTXGI
  • RTX on/off: You must submit two assets (one with RTX on and one with RTX off) featuring the use of real-time ray tracing.
  • Non-gaming content: We will accept real-time ray-traced renderings of photorealistic objects and environments.
  • Properly submitted entry: You must both submit your assets through our submission form above and share it on one social media platform with #RTXOn and #GTC20.

Winner Selection Criteria

Qualifying submissions will be judged by:

  • Originality: How the content creator combined artistry and ingenuity through creating their own assets.
  • Creativity: How well the content creator integrated real-time ray-traced ambient occlusion; and/or real-time ray-traced global illumination; and/or real-time ray-traced reflections; and/or real-time ray-traced shadows; and/or RTXGI in their imagery.

The winner will be announced on or after October 1, 2020 on the NVIDIA Design Twitter channel.

Judges Panel

Ian Spriggs - Lead Character Artist

Ian Spriggs

Unity Technologies
Lead Character Artist

Kelsey Blanton - Producer, RTX Game Ready Program

Kelsey Blanton

Producer, RTX Game Ready Program

Adam Marrs - Senior Graphics Engineer, Game Engines and Core Technology

Adam Marrs

Senior Graphics Engineer, Game Engines and Core Technology

Helpful Resources

Get tips and tricks on ray tracing with our collection of tutorials, webinars, blogs, and more.

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