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Jensen Huang

GTC Keynote

Jensen Huang | NVIDIA | Founder and CEO

This amazing weeklong event kicks off with a must-see keynote on April 12 at 8:30 a.m. PDT full of exciting announcements—and some surprises. NVIDIA’s CEO and founder Jensen Huang will share the company’s vision for computing that scales from the edge to the data center to the cloud.


Prestigious Scientists Share Their DiscoveriesPrestigious Scientists Share
Their Discoveries

Yoshua Bengio

Full Professor, University of Montreal | Founder and Scientific Director Mila, Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute

Geoffrey Hinton

Emeritus Professor, University of Toronto | VP and Engineering Fellow, Google | Chief Scientific Adviser, Vector Institute

Yann LeCun

VP and Chief AI Scientist, Facebook | Silver Professor, New York University

Daphne Koller

Founder/CEO, Insitro | Co-founder, Coursera | Adjunct Professor CS & Pathology, Stanford

Jürgen Schmidhuber

Scientific Director of the Swiss AI Lab IDSIA | Prof. of AI at USI | Co-founder of NNAISENSE

Sanja Fidler

Director of AI | NVIDIA

Raquel Urtasun

Full Professor | University of Toronto

Bill Dally

Chief Scientist & SVP Research | NVIDIA

Anima Anandkumar

Director of ML Research | NVIDIA

Sepp Hochreiter

Head of the Institute for Machine Learning | Johannes Kepler University

Ken Goldberg

Professor | University of California, Berkeley

Rommie Amaro

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry | University of California, San Diego

Dieter Fox

Senior Director of Robotics Research | NVIDIA

Rose Yu

Assistant Professor | University of California, San Diego

Lillian Chong

Associate Professor | University of Pittsburgh

Bryan Catanzaro

VP of Applied Deep Learning Research | NVIDIA

Peter Boyle

Professor | University of Edinburgh and Brookhaven National Laboratory

Azalia Mirhoseini

Staff Research Scientist Google Brain

Hatem Ltaief

Principal Research ScientistKAUST

Andreas Geiger

Professor | University of Tuebingen and MPI-IS

Sarita Adve

Richard T. Cheng Professor of Computer Science | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  

Drew Bagnell

Chief Scientist | Co-Founder Aurora

Get Inspiration from Industry PioneersGet Inspiration from
Industry Pioneers

Amy Bunszel | EVP AEC Design Solutions, Autodesk

Chris Wright | Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Red Hat

Rene Haas | President, IP Products Group, Arm

Krish Prasad | Senior Vice President and General Manager Cloud Platform Business Unit, VMware

Hildegard Wortmann | Member of the Board of Management, Audi

Abhay Parasnis | Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer, Document Cloud, Adobe

Ganesh Harinath | Vice President & CTO, 5G MEC, AI Platforms & Next-Gen Applications, Verizon Media

Richard Huddleston Executive Director and Distinguished Engineer, Morgan Stanley

Vicki Dobbs Beck | Executive In Charge, ILMxLAB

Jie Chen | Managing Director in Corporate Model Risk, Wells Fargo

Shailesh Shukla | Vice President and General Manager, Networking and Telecom, Google Cloud

Kate Kallot | Head of Emerging Areas, NVIDIA

Sriram Raghavan | Vice President, IBM Research AI

Jesse Levinson | Co-Founder and CTO, ZOOX

Soumith Chintala | Research Engineer, Facebook AI

Alvy Ray Smith | Founder, PIXAR, ALTAMIRA

Danielle Merfeld | Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, GE Renewable Energy

Rob Armstrong | Director Data Science, Tesco

Stephen Jones CUDA Architect, NVIDIA

Ashok Srivastava | Senior Vice President and Chief Data Officer, Intuit

Kimberly Powell Vice President of Healthcare, NVIDIA

Rob Legato | Visual Effects Supervisor / Oscar winner

David Ruau Global Head of Global Data Assets & Decision Science, VP, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Jim Swanson | Chief Information Officer, Johnson & Johnson

Vinod Philip | EVP, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Siemens Energy

Victoria Uti | Director, Principal Research Engineer, Kroger

Kim Libreri | Chief Technology Officer, Epic Games

Kit Colbert | Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Platform, VMWare

Bilge Acun | Research Scientist, Facebook

Ian Buck | General Manager & VP of Accelerated Computing, NVIDIA

Jack Dangermond | Founder and President, Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri)

No matter your role or skillset, there are plenty of opportunities to learn, create, and inspire at GTC. Customize your GTC journey based on your interest.

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Topic Trends

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NVIDIA’s startup ecosystem leaders, industry execs, and visionary CEOs will share what it takes to succeed as a startup working in AI, data science, or HPC.

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