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Training lab recordings from GTC23 will be available in April.

Introduction to Graph Neural Networks

Learn how to model unstructured problems as classification or regression at various levels, including graph-level, node-level, edge-level, graph-to-graph level, and graph learning.

AI-Assisted Annotation for Continuous Learning With MONAI Label

Get started with AI-assisted annotation using MONAI Label and OHIF or 3D Slicer as your image viewer and walk through creating your own MONAI label application.

Introduction to AI in the Data Center

Learn the concepts and terminology and become familiar with NVIDIA software architecture to help start the journey to AI and GPU computing in the data center.

Towards Digital Twins in Omniverse: The Fundamentals

Learn the basics of NVIDIA Omniverse™ Create and XR as you embark on a journey to creating a virtual world.

Introduction to cuQuantum

Explore performant classical simulation of quantum workflows, highlighting the functionality of cuQuantum’s state vector and tensor network libraries, cuStateVec, and cuTensorNet.

Debugging and Analyzing Correctness of CUDA Applications

Experience NVIDIA debugger and correctness tools by using CUDA-GDB and compute-sanitizer's functionalities on multiple small CUDA sample applications.

Generate Synthetic Data Using Omniverse Replicator for Perception Models

Learn to generate a synthetic data set from assets and scenes using Omniverse Replicator in a hands-on GPU environment.

GPU Acceleration With the C++ Standard Library

Learn how to write GPU-accelerated applications using only C++ standard language features.

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