Connect With NVIDIA Experts Sessions

Get your toughest questions answered by the brilliant minds supporting NVIDIA’s products and research.

Connect with the Experts sessions at NVIDIA GTC give you a unique opportunity to discuss your projects and challenges in a group or one-on-one setting.

Each 60-minute discussion will give you a deeper understanding of the hottest topics in AI, accelerated computing, data science, virtualization, robotics, and more.  

Discussion Topics

Catch up with on-demand with deep-dive sessions covering a wide range of topics and industry use cases.

  • GPU Performance Analysis and Optimization

    Talk to experts in GPU programming and code optimization, share your experiences, and get guidance on how to achieve maximum performance on NVIDIA's platforms.

    • Alan Gray, Principal DevTech Engineer
    • Vishal Mehta, DevTech Engineer
    • Gonzalo Gadeschi, Senior DevTech Engineer
    • Nikolay Markovskiy, Senior DevTech Engineer
    • Maxim Milakov, Senior DevTech Engineer
    • Kyle Jacobs, Senior DevTech Engineer, NVIDIA
  • Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Data Science

    Deep learning, machine learning, and data science are evolving at an unprecedented rate. Almost every day, we see new tools and algorithms emerge that are making the impossible possible. But these also add further layers of complexity to an already challenging field. Join NVIDIA experts at GTC and get your toughest questions answered.

    • Ross Verrall, Services Operations Manager
    • Miguel Martinez, Senior Deep Learning Data Scientist
    • Dai Yang, Senior Solutions Architect
    • Giuseppe Fiameni, Data Scientist
    • Zenodia Charpy, Senior Deep Learning Solution Architect
    • Carlo Nardone, Senior Solution Architect
    • Denis Timonin, Deep Learning Solution Architect
  • Professional Rendering and Virtualization

    Join NVIDIA experts to discuss the latest rendering techniques with NVIDIA CloudXR™ and Omniverse™ and explore updates on virtualization for VDI.

    • Frank Pudlowsky, Senior Solution Architect
    • Lee Bushen, Senior Solution Architect
    • Jits Langedijik, Senior Solution Architect, Professional Visualization
    • Mahmoud El Ghomari, Senior Solution Architect
    • Simon Schaber, Senior Solution Architect
    • Anthony Pinto, Senior Solution Architect, NVIDIA
    • Chris Mcleod, Senior Solution Architect, NVIDIA
    • Thomas Remmlinger, Senior Solution Architect, NVIDIA
    • Thomas Wernicke, Senior Solution Architect, NVIDIA
    • Ross Verrall, Services Operations Manager, NVIDIA
    • Martin Piercy, Senior Solution Architect, NVIDIA
    • Paul Rogers, Enterprise Support Engineer, NVIDIA
  • Omniverse Enterprise

    Explore the setup and configuration of Omniverse Enterprise from small workgroups to company-wide deployments. NVIDIA experts will answer your questions on how to set up and configure Omniverse Enterprise Nucleus Server, hardware requirements, advantages of virtualized deployments in the data center, and licensing requirements.

    • Doug Traill, Director, Solution Architects
    • Rick Grandy, Principal Solutions Architect - Media and Entertainment
    • TJ Galda, Director of Product Management - Omniverse
    • Mitch VanDyken, Professional Visualization Solutions Architect
    • Dennis Sessanna, Senior Solutions Architect - Professional Visualization
    • Srinivas Vaidyanathan, Solutions Architect - Networking
    • Randall Siggers, Senior Solution Architect
    • Gabe Mahoney, Senior Director
  • Accelerated Computing for Enterprise and Data Center

    Talk to experts about the latest enterprise and data center technology, including NVIDIA® DGX™, DGX Station™, DGX POD, and EGX™ platforms. Also, catch up on news from NVIDIA's latest software improvements to the data center platform.

    • Ross Verrall, Services Operations Manager
    • Adolf Hohl, Senior Solution Architect
    • Thomas Schoenemeyer, Senior Solution Architect
    • Benedikt Keyzers, Senior Solution Architect
    • Dai Yang, Senior Solutions Architect
    • Carlo Nardone, Senior Solution Architect
    • Mahmoud el Ghomari, Senior Solution Architect
  • AI at the Edge for Autonomous Machines, Robotics, and Computer Vision

    Developing solutions for vision, autonomous machines, or robotics? Solve your challenges with our experts in embedded edge AI development, the NVIDIA Jetson™ platform, and SDKs—including Isaac™, DeepStream, and TLT.

    • Richard Love, Marketing Manager
    • Ekaterina Sirazitdinova, Data Scientist
    • Abubakrelsedik Karali, Solution Architect - Intelligent Video Analytics
    • Sven Stuewe, Global Accounts & Embedded Business Development
    • Teresa Conceicao, Data Scientist, Robotics
    • Vincent Nguyen, System Architect
    • Vipul Amin, System Architect
    • Maycon da Silva Carvalho, Field Applications Engineer
    • Charbel Aoun, Business Development Director, Smart Cities
    • Magnus Blomkvist, Developer Relations Manager
    • Amey Kulkarni, Software Engineer, Developer Technology, NVIDIA
    • Raffaello Bonghi, Developer Relations Manager – AI & Robotics, NVIDIA
    • Suhas Hariharapura Sheshadri, Senior Product Manager Jetson Software, NVIDIA
    • Leela Subramaniam Karumbunathan, Senior Product Manager Jetson Software, NVIDIA
    • Liila Torabi, Senior Product Manager, NVIDIA

Meet the Experts

Join deep-dive discussions on a wide range of topics and industry use cases.

Alan Gray

Alan Gray
Principal Developer Technology Engineer
Alan works with the developer community optimising scientific simulation applications to make best use of accelerated computing systems, from workstations to the world’s largest supercomputers.

Mahmoud El Ghomari

Mahmoud El Ghomari
Senior Solution Architect
Mahmoud is a specialist in NVIDIA’s virtualisation and data centre technologies working with enterprise customers accelerating their infrastructure deployments.

Ekaterina Sirazitdinova

Ekaterina Sirazitdinova
Data Scientist
Katja works with NVIDIA customers, helping solve their most challenging computer vision and video analytics problems and then deploying the inferencing solutions in the data centre or at the edge.

Abubakrelsedik Karali

Abubakrelsedik Karali
Data Scientist
Abu specialises in deep learning and video analytics IoT applications for smart cities built from NVIDIA’s DeepStream, TAO Toolkit, TensorRT™, and Triton Inference Server SDKs.

Teresa Conceição

Teresa Conceição
Data Scientist, Robotics
Teresa is passionate about robotics and helps customers integrate NVIDIA’s AI, computer vision, and simulation solutions to solve complex autonomous machines challenges.  

Dai Yang

Dai Yang
Senior Solution Architect
Dai helps to translate customer’s needs into NVIDIA’s highly scalable DGX SuperPOD architecture so they see the best performance and throughput of their accelerated applications.

Adam Grzywaczewski

Adam Grzywaczewski
Senior Deep Learning Data Scientist
Adam works on all aspects of large-scale deep learning training, including the system architecture, the software design, and the algorithms.

Zenodia Charpy

Zenodia Charpy
Senior Solution Architect
Zenodia uses her extensive experience to help customers and partners adopt best practices in accelerating performance on their machine learning or deep learning models.

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