GTC 2021 FAQ



Deep Learning Institute (DLI) WORKSHOPS


  • Q: What is a braindate?

    A braindate is a virtual knowledge-sharing conversation that you book with others to have one-on-one or in small groups (using video chat) on the Braindate platform. It’s the best way to brainstorm, solve challenges, and share expertise or experiences while connecting with new (brilliant!) people—all virtually. 

    Braindate is a marketplace of ideas, a means to crowdsource the knowledge of other participants and share your own. Using the Braindate platform, you can share your interests in the form of Topics that can lead to interactive virtual discussions. You can also browse the Topics of other attendees and join them.

    Watch this video to see how it works


    • Take advantage of the collective knowledge of like-minded peers.
    • Connect with others based on shared interests and experiences in order to help you meet your goals.
    • Engage in meaningful conversations about issues that are on your mind and in your heart.
    • Enjoy an immediate, straight-forward way to gather diverse perspectives from others.
    • Use the opportunity to troubleshoot a problem or challenge you’re facing at home and/or work with other attendees.
    • You never know, a good conversation can be the start of a long lasting relationship!
    • Make it self-directed: pick and choose the meetings you will have by identifying who has the answers to questions you’re looking for.
    • Use your own experience for good: position yourself as a thought-leader and/or reliable source of information.
  • Q: What’s a one-on-one braindate?

    A one-on-one braindate is a 30-minute conversation that you book with another participant at an event.

    If you see a 1:1 topic on the Braindate platform that interests you, you can request the author of the topic for a meeting by proposing times to meet. Once the author accepts a proposed time, you meet with them for your braindate, at that time, on the Braindate platform for a video chat. At live events, the braindate would take place at the Braindate Lounge.

  • Q: What’s a group braindate?

    A group braindate is a 45-minute collaborative conversation that you have with up to nine people at an event.

    If you see a group braindate topic on the platform that interests you, you can immediately join by reserving a spot. The braindate takes place at the time proposed by the author of the topic. Once it's time for your braindate, you meet with your group on the Braindate platform for a video chat, or at the Braindate Lounge at a live event. 

    The group braindate format is best if you'd like to hear multiple perspectives on a single topic. The author of the topic acts as the moderator, making sure that everyone in the group is able to contribute to the conversation.

  • Q: Why is Braindate different from networking?

    Getting to know people at events can be difficult: time is limited and traditional networking can feel uncomfortable. Braindate gives you a platform to explore and share specific knowledge and experiences, so you can have more authentic conversations with new people who share common interests. It gives you direct access to the collective genius of your fellow participants!

  • Q: How does Braindate work?

    Post a braindate topic about something you’re interested in discussing in the Topic Market. Participants who want to dive into your topic with you can then send you an invitation to meet. Explore topics that interest you with the Search, Sort, and Filter functions, then send invitations for one-on-one braindates or join group braindates directly.

    Just before your braindate is set to begin, a pop-up banner will appear on the Braindate platform with a link to your topic, where you can join your virtual braindate. If you add your phone number in your profile Preferences, we’ll send you an SMS reminder before your Braindate with a direct link to join your call.

  • Q: What do I need to prepare for my virtual Braindate?

    Make sure you’re connected to a high-speed Internet connection and that your device and browser are supported. When you arrive on your virtual Braindate, authorize your browser to have access to your camera and microphone.

  • Q: Is my device compatible with a virtual Braindate?

    We recommend that you use a desktop computer and avoid mobile devices to enjoy your virtual Braindate experience to the fullest. Devices running up to date versions of Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows are compatible.

  • Q: Is my browser compatible with a virtual Braindate?

    On your compatible device, you may enjoy a virtual Braindate with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. You can test your audio and video capabilities in your preferences, which you can access by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner or your profile screen.

  • Q: How do I ask for support about Braindate?

    There are Learning Concierges that are ready to help on the platform itself. When the event is live, real humans will be there to help you troubleshoot, create topics, and just chat! You can use the chat option when it’s offline to send a support message and a Learning Concierge will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • Q: What software will be required to view and participate in GTC sessions and training?

    All you need is an Internet connection and a connected device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone). However, we recommend that you update your web browsers to the latest version before joining the event. Once you’ve registered for a particular session or training, we’ll notify you of any additional setup instructions, but all software use during the event will be free and seamless to use.

  • Q: What browser is recommended?

    The latest version of one of the following browsers, accessed from a computer, is all you need to participate at GTC: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Alternatively, you can use iOS Safari or Chrome on a mobile device or iOS Safari on a tablet. Please note that the 1:1 chat widget doesn’t work on mobile devices.